This $49 gaming headset is just too wild for its price

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
Looking for a top notch quality gaming headset for PS4, Xbox One or PC? Thrustmaster Y-250C is the answer!
Nowadays, many console gamers out there are fond of playing games using a headset. The same applies to PC or handheld gamers that mostly are accustomed to wearing headset when they are playing their favorite games.

It's actually quite fun to wear a headset when playing games. You can hear the voice of each character so clearly when they are talking. Even a little sound like a spill of water in the game can be heard so nicely through the gaming headset. And if you're playing a war game, the sounds of explosions will blow your mind and this totally makes the game even more exciting to play.

Speaking about gaming headsets, there are tons of great quality gaming headsets out there on the market right now. However, most of these headsets usually fall short when it comes to features and audio quality. Some of them are also overpriced and not really comfortable to wear for hours.

So enter Thrustmaster Y-250C.

Looking for a top notch quality gaming headset for PS4, Xbox One or PC? Thrustmaster Y-250C is the answer!

So Thrustmaster Y-250C is a gaming headset. And this one is an amazing quality headset.

It's gonna cost you $49 if you want to bring this bad boy back to your house. The price may be pretty cheap for a headset, but it's totally worth it. In fact, it’s well recommended for gamers out there who are looking for a great quality gaming headset.

Well, what’s not to like from Thrustmaster Y-250C gaming headset?

First of all, this headset has been well designed by Thrustmaster and it looks really awesome. It’s dominated with black color all over the place, but the red accent around the ear pads totally makes it look really cool and sophisticated.

The ear pads are also really comfortable to wear even for hours gaming sessions. The coolest thing is, every sound inside the ear pads is perfectly isolated, making sure that you won’t hear any disrupting noises around your house.

Amazing sound quality!

But the strongest point of Thrustmaster Y-250C headset is definitely its sound quality. We have 2 words for it. Top notch!

Yes, that’s right! Thrustmaster Y-250C is a top notch quality gaming headset. It produces a crystal clear audio quality and the bass also sounds really amazing. All thanks to the premium 55mm drivers equipped on this headset.

And if you're playing war games like Battlefield or Call of Duty series, every explosion during the gameplay will produce amazing bass frequencies and give you a more realistic experience as if you are in the war zone.

It has its own controller

The other thing that makes this Thrustmaster Y-250C so much better compared to other gaming headsets on the market right now is its controller.

So this headset comes with its own controller, giving you the access to important configurations right at your fingertips. You can adjust the volume up or down and you can also switch the microphone on or off during the game.


Thrustmaster Y-250C is definitely the dream headset for many gamers out there. It looks super awesome, it produces an amazing audio quality, it’s really comfortable to wear even for hours and the most importantly, this gaming headset is compatible with any gaming machines like Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and a lot more.

Anyway, in the next few months, there will be many exciting games that you’re about to enjoy this holiday season. The sequel of Bethesda’s upcoming horror title, The Evil Within 2, will drop this October 13th. Meanwhile, a bunch of other titles like Assassin’s Creed Origins, Call of Duty: WWII and Middle Earth: Shadow of War will also roll out this holiday on PC and consoles.

But if you're still confused to choose which gaming headset that is perfect to accompany you this holiday, look no further! Thrustmaster Y-250C is definitely the one you're looking for!
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