Yay! Fable Fortune is finally available now on Steam, Xbox One and Windows PCs

Written by B Johnson January 22, 2018
Yay! Fable Fortune is available now on Steam, Xbox One and Windows PCs
The long wait is finally over guys. The game that we've all - Fable fans - been waiting for since a few years ago finally arrived today. Fable Fortune is finally released on Xbox One and Windows PC. So if you're like us and have been waiting for so long to play the new fable series, this Fable Fortune is definitely the game you don't want to miss. It will be released by the former developers of Lionhead Studios under the Flaming Fowl and Mediatonic Studios.

Just like what we told you a couple of days ago, so Fable Fortune will be nothing like the regular Fable series, which is a third person role playing game. Instead, the ex employees of Lionhead Studios is taking a different approach when developing this game.

Yay! Fable Fortune is available now on Steam, Xbox One and Windows PCs

Yay! Fable Fortune is available now on Steam, Xbox One and Windows PCs

Yay! Fable Fortune is available now on Steam, Xbox One and Windows PCs

Fable Fortune is actually a collectible card based game but mixed with RPG elements in it, like completing quest, the ability to summon a certain of items and also the one element that has been popular in fable series, the options to become good or evil. So just like in the regular series, in this Fable Fortune, you must also decide either to become a good hero or otherwise a bad evil-minded criminal.

The coolest thing is, this game will be heavily inspired by the previous Fable series. So it will take place in the world of Albion and involve many characters of the series.

Anyway, Fable fortune is now available on Steam and Xbox One, as well as Windows PCs, but this game will not be developed by Lionhead Studios again just like the previous games. Instead, the developer named Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic will be responsible for this game. It will cost you $11.99 if you want to snatch this game and play it on your Xbox One or Windows PC. The game is now available on early access through Steam and Xbox Live.

To be honest, we're actually the biggest fans of this Fable franchise. But if you're new to this game, so Fable series is an RPG title that takes place in the medieval world of Albion. 

This game is really amazing in many ways either in gameplay, graphics, characters, storyline and everything about it is just amazing. We also love the simulation element that this game offers where our hero can do social activities with other characters, like having conversations, making people laugh, annoying others, farting in front of them, giving flower or presents to ladies and even making them feel in love with you.

We totally cannot wait to get our hands on this game soon. In the meantime, if you're curious with Fable Fortune and interested to play this collectible card game mixes with RPG elements, we totally recommend this game for you.

Fable Fortune it's now available as early access and Preview on Steam, Xbox One and Windows PCs for $11.99.

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