This $149 laptop is just too good to be true

Written by B Johnson July 07, 2017
Can you believe it? This Dell Inspiron i3162 laptop only costs $149.99 but it's got Windows 10 Home, Intel Celeron, HD Graphics and 4GB of RAM (i3162-0003BLU)
Who says that cheap laptops are not worth to buy? Well, if you do think so, this Dell laptop hopefully will change your mind? This one is Dell Inspiron i3162 and to tell you the truth, we are pretty impressed and even amazed with this laptop. In fact, if you're currently on tight budget and you only have $149.99 to buy a laptop, you definitely want to check this one out.

So Dell Inspiron i3162 laptop is currently offered at $149.00 on Amazon. And this is really cheap compared to what this laptop has to offer to you. It's probably the cheapest laptop around the market right now.

But the question is, what's so great about this notebook that makes us want to recommend it to you?

Can you believe it? This Dell Inspiron i3162 laptop only costs $149.99 but it's got Windows 10 Home, Intel Celeron, HD Graphics and 4GB of RAM (i3162-0003BLU)
Well, for a $149 laptop, what's not to like from Dell Inspiron i3162? First of all, it features an 11.6-inch HD display sporting the 1366x768 pixels resolution, which is amazing considering its cheap price point.

And then there's also a dual-core Intel Celeron N3060 processor clocked at 2.8GHz running the show, with the help from Intel HD Graphics GPU to handle the graphics and stuff. Not to mention, 4GB DDR3 RAM is also equipped to ensure its smooth lag-free performance especially when opening many software or browser tabs at once.

So when it comes to performance, you can definitely count on this Dell laptop, especially if you're planning to use it solely as a simple productive machine for typing, editing spreadsheets on Excel or maybe editing photos on Photoshop software. This laptop will perform well without any problem.

Dell Inspiron i3162 is running on Windows 10 Home OS, which means you can install any Windows legacy software on this laptop. However, there's the thing that probably will hold you back from getting this laptop. And that is its low capacity of storage.

So this Dell laptop is only equipped with 32GB eMMC storage. And this is really small compared to other regular laptops out there that usually come with at least 160GB. It's also worth mentioning that Windows 10 Home OS usually will consume around 4 - 5GB, which means you'll only have around 27GB of internal storage that is free available to use.

The good news is, Dell Inspiron i3162 is still expandable through microSD card slot. So if you really need an extra space for your movies, music and other media contents, you can still bump up its storage to 64GB or hopefully to 128GB.

How does it perform for playing PC games?

Well, if you happen to be a heavy gamer, we totally don't recommend this laptop to you because Dell Inspiron i3162 is definitely not made for gaming. But this is acceptable because this Dell laptop only costs $149 on Amazon. which is really cheap for a Windows 10 laptop. So you cannot expect anything spectacular out of its performance.

Even so, despite not having some powerful performance for gaming, there are still some older PC games that you can throw on this laptop, like GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, Prince of Persia Two Thrones and maybe other newer games released a few years ago like the first Assassins Creed series and more.

Should I buy it?

Well, as mentioned above, if you're looking for a basic productive laptop and you have a really tight budget, Dell Inspiron i3162 can still be one great option for you. But it doesn't limit itself only to productive stuff because you can still use it to enjoy media contents like movie, music or even games.

So yes, Dell Inspiron i3162 is now available on Amazon for only $149. We recommend you to get this laptop because it's really cheap for a Windows 10 laptop. And it's got some pretty impressive specs on board.

But it's worth noting that this price is only valid for those of you who are living in the US. And if you're not, the price will go up higher due to the added shipping cost.
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