These two Lenovo YOGA 720 and YOGA 520 tablet-laptops will surely satisfy your gaming needs

Written by B Johnson July 07, 2017
Lenovo YOGA 720 and YOGA 520
If the recently-announced Lenovo Miix 320 laptop doesn't attract you at all with its cheap $199 price tag, and you're also looking for a perfectly capable Windows 10 laptop to accommodate all of your productive and even gaming needs, then Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520 are probably the ones for you.

So at Mobile World Congress 2017 held in Barcelona, a Chinese tech giant - Lenovo - just revealed a bunch of new computing devices. Two of them are Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520. Both devices are running Windows 10 OS and they are hybrid laptops.

Lenovo YOGA 720 and YOGA 520
So they are regular Windows 10 laptops, but they are designed by Lenovo with flipping hinge which allows them to be flipped over 360 degrees to enter the tablet mode, similar just like what HP is offering through its HP Spectre x360.

However, unlike the cheap $199 Lenovo Miix 320, these YOGA 720 and YOGA 520 are NOT detachable to their keyboards.

One of the best things that users can get from any of these laptops are definitely their specs. And their specs are amazingly good. In fact, both Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520 totally have what it takes to be the Surface Pro killers.

Anyway, both Lenovo YOGA 720 and YOGA 520 consist in 2 models - the one with 4K display and the second one is more affordable with full HD screen.

Lenovo YOGA 720 and YOGA 520
First of all, let us start with Lenovo YOGA 720, which is the highest-end variant in this series. This laptop brings some of the best on the market to the table. It's got a 15.6-inch display sporting either 4K UHD (3840x2160 pixels) or full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels).

And then, its performance will be handled by a powerful Intel Core i7 7th-gen processor and 16GB DDR4 of RAM, with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card handling all the graphical tasks thrown on this device. So gaming is definitely going to be really awesome on this hybrid laptop. 

This laptop is also well-equipped in storage department, thanks to its huge 1TB PCIe SSD/512GB SSD storage inside. And we believe this is more than enough to store many of your favorite media contents like movies, music or photos as well as documents into this laptop.

As stated by Lenovo, this YOGA 720 is capable to deliver 8 hours of battery life to users. But this is the one with 4K resolution display. Meanwhile, the other variant with full HD display could last longer for 9 hours.

Lenovo YOGA 720 laptop will be priced at staggering $1099 for the basic option with full HD display and 512GB SSD storage, so the 4K variant with 1TB storage will be more expensive. However, if you happen to not have a huge budget, you can also pick up its sibling - Lenovo YOGA 520.

Lenovo YOGA 520 comes with a smaller 13.3-inch screen. But just like its sibling, this laptop is also available in 2 variants - the one with 4K (3840x2160 pixels) and also the full HD (1920x1080 pixels) screens.

On paper, this Lenovo YOGA 520 is actually as impressive as its sibling. So it's also powered by Intel Core i7 7th-gen processor and 16GB DDR4 of RAM. So this one definitely will scream a lot in performance.

However, this model comes with Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU, instead of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 found inside its sibling. So when it comes to gaming performance, this model definitely won't be as powerful as Lenovo YOGA 720.

For the rest of the specs, Lenovo YOGA 520 is basically similar with Lenovo YOGA 720. It comes with 512GB SSD/1TB PCIe storage, 2 JBL speakers, a camera that's capable to shot 720p videos and the battery that can deliver around 7 hours (4K variant)/8 hours (full HD model) of battery life.

Lenovo YOGA 520 will cost you $859 if you want to bring this device to your home. But this is the price of the full HD variant with 512GB storage. Meanwhile, if you want to go with 4K model and 1TB storage, the price will surely be more expensive than that.

The coolest thing about these Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520 is, these guys support Lenovo Active Pen or stylus with Windows Ink. So if you love creating sketches on a tablet, these 2 laptops can be great options for you.

However, this Lenovo Active Pen will likely not be included in the package, which means you're gonna need to purchase it separately. 

Lenovo Yoga 720 and 520 fingerprint reader with Windows Hello
Both of these laptops also come supported with fingerprint reader with Windows Hello. So you can easily unlock any of these devices either with your finger or even with your voice. Isn't that awesome, huh?

Both Lenovo YOGA 720 and Lenovo YOGA 520 will arrive soon on the market in April. As mentioned above already, pricing starts at $859 for Lenovo YOGA 520 with the basic full HD panel (512GB) and $1099 for Lenovo YOGA 720 with basic full HD screen (512GB). And if you select the 4K variant (1TB) of these laptops, the prices will definitely be more expensive.
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