3 Green Arguments in Favor of Online Gambling

Written by B Johnson March 01, 2014
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Online gambling is among the most controversial questions today, at least in some countries (especially the US, where it has been debated for ages).

While some consider it a sinful activity, a road to perdition, or even a gateway to all kinds of other - immoral - behaviors, others see it as a rather innocent form of entertainment, with the only thing it threatens being the supremacy of America's land-based gambling business.

Today, in turn, we don't want to dive into its political and moral aspects. Instead, let's take a look at why online gambling is the more environmentally friendly choice today.

Servers vs. Casinos

Have you ever taken a look at the nightlife of Las Vegas? The first thing you see is the incredible amount of lights everywhere.

They shine, they blink, they attract tourists inside, where further lights are shining day and night (since sunlight is mostly banished from the casinos of the Strip). Can you imagine how much power the Sin City consumes in an average day?

According to recent estimates, it's 8,000 megawatts on a summer day. By comparison, an average American household consumes about 10 megawatts a year.

While data centers also have a massive energy footprint, they are incredibly green compared to Las Vegas. This makes allslotcasino a much more environmentally friendly way to gamble than any gambling resort around the world.

Energy consumption is not everything

The energy needed to operate the All Slots, compared to land-based casinos, is much less, but this is not the only thing that makes it a "greener" choice. There is one much more important thing to keep in mind: fuel consumption.

To visit Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, or even Macau, people need to travel. And no matter if they use a car or a plane to reach their destinations, tourists contribute to the quantity of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Compare this to the fact that the allslotcasino is accessible over the internet, thus eliminating the need for the player to spend on transport, lodging, and dining.

Vegas is becoming greener, but...

The land-based gambling industry is becoming more environmentally friendly each year. The biggest casino resorts of Las Vegas are adapting their policies to the modern needs.

Still, online gambling is a much more eco-friendly way to wager, not only because of the direct energy consumption of the industry but that of the players themselves.

A gambling hall in the middle of the desert will always be much more energy-consuming than an iPad or a smartphone. And there's nothing casinos can do about the fuel consumed by visitors traveling to them.
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