The most well designed games for Android mobiles and tablets

Written by B Johnson March 01, 2014
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True gamers can hardly spend an hour without playing. They buy the most powerful computers to support latest versions of their favorite games. These people are ready to spend their weekends at home, because gaming is just what makes them happy.

Some people love shooters and MMORPGs, others prefer playing hazard at casino-au, and those, who love sharing some time with their friends and family, download a few app into their mobile devices. They play occasionally without fanaticizing it.

They pick up games of the highest quality despite the level of their popularity. Here is the top list of what they can install in their smartphones or tablets right now:

The 5 best simulators for Android

1. Fallout Shelter

Adore post apocalyptic plots? Legendary Fallout universe have launched an ideal game for mobile devices. The task is to reproduce human population after nuclear attack. Run your own underground shelter, helping the survivors.

Control electricity, water, food supplies and make new couples for raising kids. Beware! Infected inhabitants of outer world will do anything to ruin your shelter.

2. Surgeon simulator

Special offer for those, who want to check if they could cut people. Carry out virtual surgeries, learn more about human body, and check your concentration. This game is exciting. It does not seem disgusting or scary. Cartoon characters are making it less disturbing. Choose an organ, press start - now you are a surgeon. It is time to save lives.

3. Jurassic World

It is exactly what you are thinking of. This free app forces players build their own Jurassic parks with hundreds of types of wild dinosaurs. After everything is ready - meet other players for fights.

This strategy is quite aggressive; however, it has an interesting plot aligned with the original movie. Ready to meet well-known characters? Go to Play Market and get your Jurassic World.

4. Goat simulator

Who said simulating games should be for brainiacs only? Sometimes we all need an app to fool around with. Ever asked yourself what animal is your inner personality? Let us pretend it is a goat. Live a life only goats can afford: enjoy green juicy grass, crystal clear water or gallop through the fields.

Today you are a fluffy white animal. Leave those regular human troubles behind - dive deep into organic life and shocking adventures with this crazy simulating application.

The most well designed games for Android mobiles and tablets

5. Bio Inc.

Critics call this game one of the most cruel in history. Let us be honest - the idea is awesome. In one tap it turns you into some cruel virus. Choose the country you want to infect and start acting. First, characters have some silly symptoms that are easy to treat.

The most well designed games for Android mobiles and tablets

The stronger you become - the worse they feel. Invent new approaches to infect the whole world. This game will need all your concentration. Ready to start?
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