Meizu is working on its first Android tablet? Is it going to be great?

Written by B Johnson January 03, 2017
Meizu smartphones
On the low-budget smartphone market, the manufacturer named Meizu has been known mostly for its good quality well-spec'd devices that apparently don't suck according to users.

I actually have heard some users saying that their Meizu smartphones are somehow better than other low-budget phones like Alcatel Flash Plus (my previous phone) especially in terms of display quality. 

That's probably the reason why this company now wants to spread its wings and expand its global reach on other consumer electronic markets. And surprisingly not, just like any of its counterparts out there, Meizu reportedly is working on its first-ever Android tablet. 

Recently, this Chinese manufacturer was caught red-handed publishing a few images which showed how the Flyme OS could be used not only on Meizu smartphones, but also on tablets and even computers. 

According to these reports, these pictures apparently were leaked by a verified account named "Meizu Blue Charm Tablet" and they were found on the popular microbloging platform in China - Weibo.

For those of you who haven't known already, so Flyme OS is a smartphone launcher from Meizu and it's specifically made for Meizu smartphones. 

It's still based on Android platform though but Meizu put a lot of hard works into making it more attractive, intuitive and useful for users with new added features. 

So it's pretty similar just like other Chinese smartphone manufacturer, say, Xiaomi which also develops its own Android-based MIUI for Xiaomi devices. 

Meizu flyme for tab
Anyway, amongst the leaked images, there is this one picture that reads "Flyme for Tab", which probably indicates that the company is indeed in the making of Flyme launcher for Meizu tablets.

If this reports are true, then it's very likely that Meizu is currently working on its own tablet.

And since the name found on the leaked images is "Meizu Blue Charm Tablet", then the tablet that Meizu is developing right now will likely be a low-budget one. That's because the name "Blue Charm" has been used primarily by Meizu for its low-budget smartphones.

Unfortunately], according to the report, this doesn't straightly mean that Meizu is indeed developing its own tablet. It's very possible that Meizu is only working on the new Flyme Launcher which later can be used on other Android tablets, similar just MIUI from Xiaomi that can also be used on other non-Xiaomi smartphones and tablets.

In my opinion, if Meizu is indeed planning to release its own tablet, especially a low-budget one, I don't think that's a very good decision here. And that's mainly because the volume of tablets that are being shipped this year has decreased significantly compared to previous years. And this happens on most of media-consumptive tablets on the market, even the iPads.

So if Meizu is about to release its own Android-based tablet that is only intended as a media-consumptive device, then it's very unlikely that this tablet is going to sell well on the market, even though it's sold at low cost.

However, if Meizu is developing a productivity tablet and it's sold on low-budget market, then I believe it's a much better decision because productivity tablets, especially the ones running Windows OS, are currently on the rise this year.

Many manufacturers have seen significant increase of shipments for Windows-flavored productivity tablets. And even Apple already jumps on productivity tablet market with its iPad Pro.

So if Meizu wants to grab a major success with its low-budget tablet, I think it's best if this company is also jumping on the same bandwagon just like other tablet manufacturers today, which is productivity tablet market.
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