How to download paid Android games for free from 3rd party websites?

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
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Despite being developed for mobile devices, most of today’s Android 3D games are really heavy when it comes to size, like around 1GB to 3GB. So if your internet connection is not fast and stable enough, chances are, your device will keep failing to download the games from Google Play Store, which of course will waste your mobile data.

Thankfully, there’s another solution for that. And that is by downloading the OBB and APK files of Android games from other sources like 3rd party websites. And NOT from Google Play Store.

So later, you can download these files using a stable downloading software like IDM in order to ensure that downloading process will go smoothly without any problem.

Okay then, below I’m going to show you how exactly to download Android games from 3rd party websites outside Google Play Store and then install the games on your tablet or smartphone.

#1. Find Android games on the web

If you want to install Android games from 3rd party websites outside Google Play Store, it’s actually not that hard to do. However, be very careful to not install Android games from some random websites because they might contain viruses in them and could endanger the data and system of your tablet/smartphone.

So this is why, before even downloading the games, you firstly need to make sure that the websites are safe from virus.

Okay, to find Android games around the internet, you can use the keyphrase ‘DOWNLOAD GAME’s NAME OBB and APK’ on Google. For example, if you want to download GTA Vice City, you can just type this on Google:

‘Download GTA Vice CIty OBB and APK’

By doing so, Google will then generate the websites that provide the download links of this game. I actually have some websites that I usually use the most to download the games’ data of some certain games like

#2. Download the OBB and APK files

Okay, after you manage to find the website that has the download link of GTA Vice City, now download the game’s data to your computer/smartphone. This website usually will provide the download links of the ‘OBB’ file (game’s data) and also the ‘APK’ file (installation file). If you see them, download these 2 files because you’re gonna need them both later.

So the ‘OBB’ file is the game’s data that contains the properties of the game, like graphics, animation, maps, characters, sounds, videos, etc. So it’s gonna be relatively huge in size, like around 300MB to 2GB.

On the other hand, the ‘APK’ file is the installation or execution file of the game. Without this file, you cannot install the game. It’s really small in size, like around 10MB to 30MB of data.

#3. Transfer the OBB and APK files to your device

Once you finish downloading the ‘OBB’ and ‘APK’, the next thing to do is extract them on your laptop. After that, transfer them both (OBB folder and APK file) to your tablet/smartphone.

#4. Move the game folder to Android > OBB

After transferring the game files into your device, now copy the OBB folder of the game and paste it in the folder ‘Android/OBB’ on your internal storage. The OBB folder of the game usually starts with the name ‘’. For example is, 'com.rockstargames.gtavc', which is the OBB folder of GTA Vice City.

However, if your device supports the feature to install games on external storage, you can also copy paste this OBB folder on your external SD card inside the folder ‘Android/OBB’.

#5. Move the APK file to root directory

Next, copy the APK file of the game and paste it in the root directory of internal storage (or external SD card).

#6. Install the APK file

Okay, to start installing the game, now execute or open the APK file which you just moved earlier. After that, follow all the instructions on installation screen. This will take around a few seconds to complete.

#7. Connect to the internet

Before starting the game from the installation screen, first make sure that your device is connected to the internet. This is usually important to do on some games in order to verify the game with your device.

#8. Play the game

Okay, after activating the internet connection of your device, now you can start playing the game.

Now open the game you just installed earlier. If you do all the steps correctly, I believe this method will work perfectly and the game can be played on your device.

However, if the method above doesn’t work and the game keeps crashing and getting ‘force-close’ response, then there are many variables that might cause this problem. Maybe the game files that you downloaded earlier are probably not compatible with your device (not compatible with your GPU). Or maybe, your device is not powerful enough to run this game.

So this is why you also need to make sure that your tablet or smartphone is powerful enough to run the game you want to play. And it’s also really important to download the OBB file that is COMPATIBLE with the GPU (graphics chipset) of your device.

I mean, if the OBB file you’re trying to download is only compatible with ‘Tegra GPU’, while your device has ‘Mali GPU’, then you should not download this game file because it won’t work on your device.


Well, there you have it guys, my guide for you if you want to know how to download Android games from 3rd party websites outside Google Play Store, and install them to your tablet or smartphone. Hopefully, my tips above work perfectly on your device.
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