Nintendo NX is a next-gen portable gaming console with high-grade specs

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
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For the past couple of years, amid the war in console market between Microsoft and Sony with their Xbox and Sony PlayStation respectively, Nintendo has been gaining ground mostly on portable gaming market through its Wii and Nintendo DS lineup, competing against Sony PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable.

However, with the competition becoming much fiercer than before, then there’s no reason for Nintendo to just sit around in a couch eating snack while Microsoft and Sony keeps making a lot of hard cash in console market.

This manufacturer needs to step up its game, especially when many developers of console/PC games have started to bring their games to the higher new level using advanced next-gen graphics and visual effects.

That’s why recently, Nintendo reportedly will come up with a brand new gaming console. This one is still a portable gaming console though, so it’s definitely not going head-to-head against Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One for sure.

Interestingly, this Nintendo’s new gaming console, which is codenamed as NX, is gonna be a lot better than its predecessor. For instance, let’s talk about performance.


So according to reports, as confirmed by 'numerous of sources', this Nintendo NX is going to be a really powerful gaming console. So it’s very likely that games on Nintendo NX will be on the same level with games on Sony PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, especially in terms of graphics and visual effects.

I’m not really sure how powerful this is gonna be, but given how video games today are mostly superior in terms of graphics, then I have the feeling that Nintendo will also bring the latest and greatest hardware possible so big game developer will be interested to come on board with Nintendo NX.

However, given that the market of casual video games is still really huge, probably bigger than the market of serious hardcore games, then Nintendo NX probably will also be the home for developers that usually make casual video games.


Anyway, as far as hardware, Nintendo NX will have detachable controllers, which means there will be the mechanism on the console that allows players to attach and detach the controllers on both sides of its screen.

But why does this console need the detachable controllers?

Well, apparently, this Nintendo NX will be treated as the main machine or “the brain of NX” (as described by Eurogamer) that users can connect to a docking station whenever they want to view the games on their big-screened TVs.

Interestingly, unlike Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 that are already jumping on Blu-ray discs and digital downloadable games, the games on Nintendo NX will still use the traditional cartridges.


On the software side, Nintendo NX is expected to run on Nintendo’s home-baked proprietary operating system, which I think is a much better choice than using Android OS (as reported before).

And that's because the mobile game market on Android platform has now started to become overly saturated because many developers here mostly make crappy (shitty, if you would) casual games that are not serious enough to attract serious gamers.

So by using Nintendo’s own proprietary OS, Nintendo NX will have a chance to separate itself from the competition and let serious game developers make better games on this platform. Besides, it will make it easier for Nintendo to filter which games that are qualified to join this platform and which ones aren’t.

Release date?

It’s actually interesting to see how this new gaming console from Nintendo come to fruition because in 2015 of March, Satoru Iwata, the company president, called this device as a “brand new concept” for video game platforms.

So we haven’t known already what Nintendo is gonna bring to the table here to compete against Sony PlayStation Vita and other portable gaming consoles on the market.

Anyway, Nintendo NX is set to release probably in March of 2017, which is still 8 months away from realization. Unfortunately, Nintendo is still very tight-lipped regarding the information of this new console.

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, he said "In terms of NX, there's an idea that we're working on. That's why we can't share anything at this point, and I don't want to comment on the other companies. If it was just a matter of following advancements in technology, things would be coming out a lot quicker."

But if that’s true Nintendo NX is gonna be a detachable gaming console that users can plug in to their TVs, then it’s very clear that one of the Nintendo’s plans in the future is definitely to make Nintendo NX a universal console that will give users the power to control all the equipments in their living rooms with one single platform – Nintendo NX.
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