How to root Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone using Kingroot app?

Written by B Johnson August 04, 2016
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Despite being a risky method, rooting your Android smartphone or tablet is actually one of the great ways to get the best out of your device. Not only can you enhance the experience of using your device, but you can also unlock its full potential by rooting it.

Anyway, if you happen to own Alcatel Flash 2 and you want to root it, below I’m about to show you how exactly to do that. It’s actually really safe to root your Alcatel Flash 2, especially if you root it using my method below.

Okay then, if you have decided to root your Alcatel Flash 2, you must realize that you are gonna do this at your own risk. So I’m not responsible for anything wrong that might happen on your device.

WARNING!! Do this at your own risk!! I will not be responsible for anything wrong that might happen on your phone!

#1. Download Kingroot v4.6.5 on the internet

How to root Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone using Kingroot app?Okay, if you want to root your Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone, you must firstly download the rooting app called ‘Kingroot’ which you can get on the internet.

The Kingroot app that is compatible with Alcatel Flash 2 is the one with the version number 4.6.5. But Google Play Store is not the place to find Kingroot v4.6.5 because it’s NOT available there.

If you want to get the right compatible ‘Kingroot v.4.65’ for your Alcatel Flash 2, you need to visit some community forums related to Alcatel Flash 2 on the internet (like or

So you can find almost anything on these forums, from the latest news about Alcatel devices to even the methods of rooting, installing custom ROMs or fixing bricked Alcatel smartphones.

#2. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

If this is your first time downloading and installing app from 3rd party websites to your Alcatel Flash 2, then you firstly need to enable your device from installing Android apps from 3rd party websites around internet.

To do this, go to Setting > select ‘Device’ > and then check off the small box that says “Allow installation of application from unknown source”.

So from now on, your Alcatel Flash 2 can install any Android apps that you download from unofficial websites outside Google Play Store, including ‘Kingroot’ app.

#3. Install the app

After downloading the ‘Kingroot 4.6.5’ app, install it to your Alcatel smartphone. Anyway, this is a rooting app. So if this is the very first time you root your smartphone, usually the system will prompt you the warning message when you try to install it.

But don’t worry, this ‘Kingroot’ app is really safe to install. In fact, it is one of the most popular apps especially related to rooting Android devices. So you’re definitely in safe hands here.

I don’t exactly remember what warning message that will be prompted on the screen, but when that appears, you can simply select the option: “download anyway”.

The point is, this ‘Kingroot’ is a safe app to install. So you don't need to worry anything.

#4. Run the app

Okay, once the installation process is complete, as you can see, the Kingroot app will appear on app drawer or probably on the homescreen. Now open the app to start the rooting process of your Alcatel Flash 2.

#5. Swipe up to skip the opening

If I’m not mistaken, right when you open the app, there will be some intro or opening on the screen showing you the information about this app. Now swipe up the screen to start the rooting process.

#6. Connect to the internet

In order for this Kingroot app to work properly, you need to firstly activate the internet connection of your smartphone. This is really important because during the rooting process, Kingroot will try to download some files that are required for rooting the specific device, in this case, Alcatel Flash 2.

#7. Press “Try it”

Okay, to start the Kingroot app, press the button that says “Try it”.

#8. Press “Start Root”

Usually, the first thing that you see on the screen is the root status of your device. So if your Alcatel Flash 2 hasn’t been rooted yet and this is your first time using Kingroot app, it will show you the message “root status error” or “root status not available”, which means your phone hasn’t been rooted.

Now to start the rooting process, press “Start Root”. But remember, your internet connection must be activated first before starting the process of rooting.

#9. Wait until the rooting process is complete

The process of rooting with Kingroot app usually only takes a couple of seconds to finish. But this depends on the speed of your internet connection. So when you try to root this phone, make sure that the signal of your internet connection is good in order to ensure that the rooting process goes smoothly without any problem.

Anyway, as you can see, the percentage number will be shown on the screen which indicates the process of rooting is still in progress. But if the rooting process doesn’t succeed, you need to retry it again until the percentage number reaches 100%.

So this is why, good and fast internet connection is really needed during this process.

#10. Rooting process is complete!

Well, if the percentage number finally hits 100% and there is the green checkmark being shown on the screen, this means your Alcatel Flash 2 has successfully been rooted. Congrats!

And when that happens, the root status that you saw earlier on the screen will now be changed to “root access is available”.

#11. How to use Kingroot?

It’s actually really easy to use Kingroot app. As you can see on the screen, if your Alcatel Flash 2 phone has been successfully rooted, there is the option called “Root Authorization” on this app. And if you tap on it, it will show you a bunch of apps that require root access.

So through this app, you can control which apps that you'd like to be granted with root access.

Usually, if you download an app which requires root access of your device, right when you open the app, the warning message will be prompted on the screen asking your permission for root access.

And when that happens, you can simply select “Allow” or “Grant" to allow root access to this app.


Well, there you have it guys, my step-by-step guide for you if you want to root your Alcatel Flash 2. Hopefully this works perfectly on your phone. Anyway, the rooting process of Alcatel Flash 2 is actually similar with the rooting process of Alcatel Flash Plus, which is by using the Kingroot app.

However, given that Flash Plus is an older-gen device than Alcatel Flash 2, the Kingroot app that will work properly on this phablet is the one with the version number 4.0.0.

So if you also happen to own Alcatel Flash Plus, then I will show you how exactly to root this phone right in my next post. Be sure to stick around on this site!
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