How to post your photos on Facebook app?

Written by B Johnson August 04, 2016
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Alongside Twitter and Instagram, Facebook has been one of the most popular social media apps in the world right now. Almost everyone you know in your life has their own Facebook app on their smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to Facebook app, everytime people want to post updates like status, news or even photos, they no longer need to visit Facebook website. Facebook app can be reliable for that.

However, for some people that just joined Facebook, most of them probably don’t know how to post photos on their Facebook app.

That's why, if you are one of these people, below I’m going to show you how to post photos on your Facebook app.

#1. Open your Facebook app

Okay, the first thing you are going to do is open your Facebook app. But if you haven’t had it yet on your device, then you can download it for free on Google Play Store.

Bear in mind that this app is pretty huge in size, around 50MB if I’m not mistaken. So you better make sure that your device has sufficient amount of storage before even downloading this app.

#2. Log in to your account

After downloading and installing Facebook app on your device, open the app. And then log it to your account with your email and password. But you can also register your new account through the app .

#3. Press “What’s on your mind?”

Now I assume that you just logged it to your Facebook account. As you can see on the screen, if you have been in Facebook for quite awhile and have some friends already, you will see their recent posts on the timeline, right when you open the app.

You can also compose your own post by tapping on the area that says “What’s on your mind?”. After that, a new screen will be prompted to you showing you the text box which you can use to post your recent status.

For example, if you just had a lunch at some restaurant, then you can say things like: “Just had a great lunch at Pizza Hut earlier”. And to make your post look more attractive and believable as well, you can also upload photo or video inside the post.

#4. Tap on the camera icon

Okay, if you want to upload your photo, you can simply do that by tapping on the camera icon on compose window.

#5. Choose the photo

After pressing this camera icon, you will be taken to the new screen where you can see all of the recent photos and videos that you have on your device.

Unfortunately, on the outdated-version of Facebook app (which is the one I’m using right now), it usually takes a couple of seconds for Facebook app to scan all of your recent photos and videos, before showing them all to you with the thumbnails.

So when this app tries to scan your photos and videos, it hangs for a few seconds, which is kind of annoying. But I really hope Facebook can fix this problem on the latest version of Facebook app because on Twitter and Instagram, this doesn’t happen.

So on Twitter and Instagram, when you press the camera icon to upload photo, these apps will scan all of your recent photos and videos very quickly and show them all to you smoothly without any lag whatsoever.

#6. Press “Done”

Okay, if you have found the photo that you would like to upload on your Facebook app, now tap on the photo and press “Done” on the top right corner. After that this app will bring you to the new screen where you can start modifying your post and say something about the photo.

#7. Modify the photo

After choosing the photo to upload, now you also need to say something about the photo. For example, you can say things like: “Just had a great a lunch/dinner at this restaurant” to give description of the photo.

And then you can also modify the photo by pressing the “Edit” button below the photo. On this editing screen, you’ll be able to add filter, crop the photo, add stickers, write text on it and even draw something on the photo by using “Doodle” feature.

After you finish with the editing, you can save it by tapping on the “SAVE” button on the top right.

#8. Post the photo

Okay, now you’re all set to publish the photo to your Facebook account. To do that, you can simply press “POST” on the top right and then in a couple of seconds, your photo along with the post will be published on your Facebook account. Congrats!


Well, there you have it guys, the simple guide for you about how to upload your photo on Facebook app. I know that this guide is pretty standard and many Facebook users already know how to upload photo/videos on their accounts.

But I think for many other people that are new on Facebook app, or even Facebook in general, I think this guide can be really helpful for them.

Anyway, if you find this post helpful and informative to you, please don’t hesitate to share it on Twitter or Facebook by pressing the social media buttons on this page. I would totally appreciate it guys!

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