How to find PlayStation Portable games (PSP) on the internet for smartphone or tablet?

Written by B Johnson January 20, 2018
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If you happen to have Sony PlayStation Portable lying around your house, you’re probably not gonna use it anymore because with an app called “PPSPP”, now you’re also able to play your favorite PSP games right away from your Android smartphone or tablet.

There are actually tons of PSP games that you can play on your Android device. And most of them run pretty smoothly without any problem.

But of course, this depends on the hardware package of your device. I mean, if you have a well-spec’d smartphone or tablet, then you can definitely count on it to play any kind of PSP games that are available on the market.

But the problem is, for some people, they mostly don’t really know how to find PSP games on the internet.

Well, if you are one of those people, below I’m going to show you how to find PSP games on the internet and play them on your Android device! Hope this helps!

#1. Search the PSP game files on Google

Okay, now if you want to search PSP games for your Android smartphone or tablet, the best place to find them is definitely on Google.

The good thing is, PSP games are universal games so even if you play it on your 8-inch tablet or 5-inch smartphone, it doesn't matter, these games can still be played perfectly on your device.

The screen resolution of the games will be adjusted according to your tablet’s screen size and resolution.

So all you have to do is find the PSP game/ROM on Google and you’re good to go.

Anyway, to find the PlayStation Portable games on Google, it’s actually really easy to do that. You just need to use the key phrase: “game’s name PSP ROM” and Google will show you a bunch of websites that have the files/ROMs which you can download.

For example, if you want to find the PSP version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, then you just need to type this on Google: "PES 2014 PSP ROM" and Google will show you the websites that have this game in the search results.

#2. Download PSP game/ROM file

Okay, after finding the download link of PSP game/ROM, of course now download it to your computer. I strongly recommend you to avoid the download link from Google Drive because it usually takes a lot of time to download huge files on Google Drive.

#3. Transfer the game files/ROMs to your device

After the downloading process is complete, now I want you to transfer the PSP games/ROMs to your smartphone or tablet. The PSP games usually have the extension of ISO or RAR by the way. So you only need to put the game files to your device’s storage and then you can locate these files later on PPSPP (PSP emulator/app).

#4. Put the game files/ROMs inside the folder

Now the next thing to do is put the PSP games inside one folder. You can name the folder “PSP Games”. So everytime you have new PSP games on your device, you must put them all in this folder. This will make it easier for you to locate these games through PPSPP.

#5. Open your PPSPP app

After moving the PSP game files into the same folder on your device, now open PPSPP. But if you haven’t had it yet, you can download it for free on Google Play Store.

#6. Locate the game files

As you can see on the screen, there are 3 main tabs on the top left corner: 'Recent', 'Games' and 'Homebrew & Demos'. The first tab “Recent” will show you a bunch of games that you recently played on this app.

The second tab “Game” is actually a file explorer that can help you locate the PSP games manually on your device. Meanwhile, the last tab “Homebrew & Demos” will notify you if there are some new demos and updates from the developer of PPSPP.

Okay, to locate the PSP game file on your device, now switch the tab to “Games” and then find the PSP games you have downloaded before. After that, tap on any games in the folder to start playing the game.

If you finish playing the game and exit to the main screen of PPSPP, you will see that the game is now added to the tab “Recent”. So the next time you want to play it again, you just need to select the game on this “Recent” tab.


Well, there you have it guys, my tips for you if you want to know how exactly to find PSP games on internet and play them your Android device. Hopefully, you’ll find this post helpful and informative for you in the future.

Anyway, what about you guys? Do you also love playing PSP games on your Android or iOS devices? What games do you still play until today?

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