How to Monitor Internet Data on Your Smartphone or Tablet in Real Time?

Written by B Johnson July 13, 2016
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In the past few years, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have emerged into 3 most popular social media apps on smartphone, tablet and even wearable. Not only can we be entertained by lots of great contents on these 3 social media apps, but we can also stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from all across the world.

However, using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram apps too often actually can squeeze your internet data a lot, especially if you are a type of user who loves checking out your social media accounts every few minutes and even few seconds.

So what’s the best solution to solve this problem? What can we really do to minimize the use of our internet data when using social media apps?

Well, the answer is by using a data monitoring app.

There are actually tons of data monitoring apps avaiable on Google Play Store that basically do the same thing, which is to monitor your internet usage. 

However, based on my experience, most of these apps and even the recommended ones are not that good.

Data Monitor app

But the good news is, after using a lot of data monitoring apps from Google Play Store, I finally found one really great app that totally gave me what I really wanted from a great data monitoring app.

And the app is called “Data Monitor”. However, don’t be mistaken here because there are many apps on Google Play Store that use the same exact name “Data Monitor”.

The "Data Monitor" app that I'm talking about here is the one developed by a company named KUMobileBand.

The app is free by the way and it’s really small in size, so I you’re interested to try it out, and I think you should, then head over to Google Play Store and download the app.

Trust me, it’s a really great app and I believe you will find it really useful especially to monitor and also prevent your internet data from being wasted without your permission.

What is Data Monitor app and what does it do?

So yes, as the name implies, “Data Monitor” is indeed an app that can help you monitor the use of internet data on your smartphone or tablet every day.

But the coolest thing about this app and in fact, makes it better than any other data monitoring apps out there is its ability to show you the quick updates in real-time about the size of internet data that you are currently using right now, right when you turn ON your internet connection.

How to use the app?

It’s actually really easy to use this app. So once you finish downloading and installing from Google Play Store, you can start setting up it up so it will work and behave as you expected.

Okay, now open the app and then press the menu option on the TOP RIGHT CORNER. Once you press it, there are 2 menus presented here: Setting and Reset. Select the first option, “Setting”.

On the setting page, as you can see, there are 3 main settings on the top that have small boxes on the right. Okay, now check off all of these boxes by tapping on them.

Make sure that the “Enable/Disable the Application” is ticked off, as well as “Show Download/Upload Speed” and “Always Show Notification”. Once you finish with the setting, now go back to the previous page. Don't worry, it will automatically save the setting.

As you can see, on the top notification panel, there is a data monitor widget being added here. Yes, this widget is from the Data Monitor app, which you just set it up earlier.

There are some information you can see here, from the download and upload speed, the total data you have used in one day and the amount data you’re currently using right now either via SIM card data or WiFi.

And it keeps updating on the fly everytime you connect to the internet. Isn’t that cool, huh?

This of course will help you a lot to monitor your internet data and prevent your device from wasting a lot of data without your permission in the background.

Anyway, if you click the Data Monitor's widget on notification panel, it will bring you to the app which then shows you the total data that you have used in the last 8 days, which hopefully helps you become more efficient with the use of your internet data.


So there you have it guys, a simply but great data monitoring app that I've been using until today. Hope you like this app.

Anyway, if you have any other great data monitoring apps that you would like to recommend to me, please don’t hesitate to share them to me right on the comment section below. I’ll be more than happier to hear yours.

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