How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic?

Written by B Johnson July 01, 2016
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Taking photos with our smartphone or tablet is definitely such a pleasing thing to do everyday, especially if you’re really into photography.

It doesn’t matter if your device has the best cameras on the market or not, but if you love sharing photos with the world, then there’s no one can’t stop you from doing it.

Of course, it helps a lot if your smartphone or tablet has a great camera app with complete set of features. This will ensure that your photos not only will look great and sharp, but also bring values to people who view them, either on Twitter, Facebook and of course, Instagram.

The main features found on most of camera apps

There are many kinds of features found on camera apps these days: like the feature to add filters to your photos, the feature to control the level of brightness/colors, the feature to add frame and many other more.

But there is actually another one which I thought should be a must-have feature on camera app on any smartphone or tablet. And that is the feature to crop photos.

Okay, this may sound weird, but I think this feature has been really underrated on any camera apps these days.

I think it’s really rare to see stock camera apps on most of smartphones or tablets that have the feature to crop photos right on the get go. Usually, this feature is only available on separate apps like photo viewers or photo editors, which must be downloaded first through App Store or Google Play Store.

For me, I think it’s really important for any camera app to have the standard feature to crop photos on the fly. So right when we’re trying to check out the photo we just captured, we can straightly do the editing like cropping that photo so we can remove some unnecessary parts of the photo right on the get go.

For example, if you are taking a photo of you and your friend together in the park, but turns out, there is some huge empty space around the picture, then you may want to remove this empty space so later, you and your friends will look great and prominent in the photo.

QuickPic: a Simple Photo Viewer App with Great Cropping Feature

This is the main reason why I decide to use a separate photo viewer app called QuickPic.

I actually already have some stock photo viewers that come pre-installed on my Android device. But I think these apps are not that great for viewing all of my photos. And the experience of viewing photos on these apps is also not quite satisfying for me.

But this contradicts with the QuickPic app which I’m trying to share to you here.

What is QuickPic?

Well, if this is your first time hearing about this app, QuickPic is actually just a photo viewer app like Google Photos or any other similar apps you usually use to check out photos on your smartphone or tablet.

So with this app, of course you can view all the photos that you already have on your device.

However, the thing that makes this app so great, awesome and even becomes my most favorite app on my smartphone is how effective and smooth it works, especially for viewing and scanning all the photos on my device.

I mean, this app is really simple and light in weight, especially in terms of visual interface. So right when you open the open, you will see the thumbnails of all your photos in square boxy shape. So it doesn’t have sophisticated visual interface like 3D carousel effect or any other effects, which is fine by me.

Why QuickPic is so great for cropping photos?

The other cool feature found on this app and even my favorite one is the feature to crop photos. So if you want to remove some unnecessary part of your photo, it’s really easy and quick to do that on this app.

You just need to press the option button on the top right, select “Edit” and then, select “Edit” again with QuickPic logo on it.

After that, there will be some dotted borders showing up around the photo divided by 2 rows and 2 columns. But you can only drag 4 pointers on each corner if you want to crop the photo.

How to crop photo using QuickPic App?

Okay, now take a look at the pictures below to see how simple it is to crop your photos using QuickPic.

1. So it's really easy to crop your photo using QuickPic. First, of course you need prepare the photo that you would like to crop. And then press the How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic? logo on the TOP RIGHT and select "Edit" in the list of options.

How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic?How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic?

2. After that, press again "Edit" with QuickPic logo on it. Once you press this option, some lines of borders with pointer on each corner will appear on your chosen photo.

How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic?How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic?

3. If you want to crop the photo, you can simply press any of the pointer on each corner and then drag it inside to the position which you would like the photo to be cropped. And if you want to crop, you just need to press the √ icon on the top.

How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic?How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic?

But that's not it. There's more.

So after you enter to cropping mode on your selected photo, you can also turn the photo upside down or even have it in skewed position with 2-finger gesture and then crop the photo directly on the last exact position of the photo. Isn't that cool, huh?

How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic?How to crop photos or images easily using QuickPic?

QuickPic can also hide your secret photos from other people

The other great feature on this QuickPic app is the ability to exclude the photos that you don’t want to see on this app.

So for example, if you want to hide the photos which you don’t want other people to see when they are opening QuickPic app on your smartphone or tablet, you can just hide the folders by excluding them on this app.

And you can also set the password (using the Pattern code) so other people who don’t know your password, cannot access your hidden photos.

In default, this QuickPic app also scans all of your videos on your device. But you can opt to hide them as well through the Setting > General and uncheck the box that says “Showing videos” in order to prevent this app from scanning your videos.

QuickPic is a free to download and it is really small in size. So if you are interested to check out this app and see how cool it is, then what are you waiting for? Go to Google Play Store and download this app then!
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