How to Enable Quick Internet Data Toggle on Lollipop OS (with Power Toggles)?

Written by B Johnson November 01, 2016
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Just a moment ago, I’ve shared to you my secret trick to enable again the quick data toggle that we’ve come to love on our Android devices before Lollipop OS came out.

By using 2 awesome apps “Secure Setting” and “Floating Toucher”, you can now easily toggle your internet data connection ON and OFF just by a simple tap.

There were actually 2 tricks that I just showed to you earlier in my previous posts. The first one is by using Secure Setting app alone through a widget on the homescreen.

And the second one is by using "Floating Toucher" + "Secure Setting" to set up quick data toggles on the floating circle button of Floating Toucher app.

Create a quick data toggle using Power Toggles

Anyway, after showing you how to create quick internet data toggles using Floating Toucher and Secure Setting apps, right now I actually still have another card under my sleeve that I haven’t showed you earlier.

And this one is by using another app called “Power Toggles”.

This method is actually pretty similar with my first trick of creating quick data toggle using Secure Setting. So basically, you create 2 data toggles in the form of widgets on the homescreen.

The first toggle is to activate the internet data, while the second toggle is to disable the internet connection of your device.

However, the method of creating quick data toggle with Power Toggles is slightly different and much simpler because you just need the root permission to this app and put the taskbar widget from Power Toggles one the homescreen.

So later you'll be able to activate/deactivate the internet connection of your device just by a simple tap on the taskbar widget from Power Toggles.

Okay then, without further ado, in the following below I’m about to show you my tutorial to install quick data toggle using an app called Power Toggles.

Quick Data Toggle using Power Toggle (Requires root access)

1. Root your device

Okay, the first thing you need to do is of course root your device. And this is really crucial here because if you haven’t rooted your device yet, then Power Toggles app will not work properly.

But if you don't know how exactly to root your device, you can also go to forum and find how to root your own device from this forum.

Or you can also read my other post about "How to root your Android device?", where I've shared to you the rooting methods of some Android devices.

2. Download and Install “Power Toggles” on Google Play Store

Right now I assume that you’ve finally managed to root your device probably using the rooting method from or you just found the method somewhere else.

The point is, right at this moment, your Android device has been successfully rooted and it also has been validated using “Root Checker” app that your device has been rooted.

If that what exactly happens now, next I want you to download an app on Google Play Store called “Power Toggles”. It’s a free app so you don’t need to spend any dime to get this app installed on your device.

However, as mentioned above, Power Toggles requires you to have a root access of your device.

So again, if your Android device hasn’t been rooted yet, I strongly recommend you to go straight to to learn more about how exactly to root your device.

And if you finally manage to root it, then you can go back here to proceed to the next step.

3. Add widget on homescreen

After installing Power Toggles and you also already have rooted your device, now find the empty spot on the homescreen and add a new widget.

4. Choose "Power Toggles" widget and place it on the homescreen

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the list and find Power Toggles app. If you find it, tap on it for 2 seconds to add that widget right on your homescreen.

The new screen will open showing you the setting page for Power Toggles. So right here on this window, you can pick which one of the toggles that you would like to use on the widget. You can actually put all of the toggles right on the widget altogether.

But in this guide, I want you to just focus on creating the quick data toggle on this widget.

5. Deactivate/remove other shortcut tasks from the widget

Okay, now I want you to remove the less-important toggles one by one with the exception of internet data toggle because you will only need this toggle in this tutorial.

6. Press “Done”

If you’ve already finished removing all the unnecessary toggles from the toolbar widget except for the internet data toggle, now press “Done” right on the top of the screen.

Once you press it, the long toolbar widget will appear automatically on the homescreen.

I assume that now you only use the internet data toggle on this widget. And you’ve already removed all the unnecessary toggles from this widget. So there will be some empty space around this widget.

7. Resize the widget

Next I want you to resize this huge long toolbar widget into the size of app icon, so later on, it will fit perfectly anywhere around the apps on your homescreen. Now press the toolbar widget for 2 seconds and then release it right away.

Once you release it, the resize function will appear around the edge of the widget with 4 dots or points in the middle of every side. That is the feature to resize this widget.

With this feature, now press the dot on the right side and drag it to the left to make it smaller into the size of app icon.

8. Allow/Grant the root permission for the widget

Okay, if you have acquired the root permission of your device, then once you tap on the internet data toggle on the widget, the new small window will be prompted asking the root permission for this widget.

If this happens, select “Allow” or "Grant" in the options to allow this Power Toggles widget gain root permission of your device permanently.

9. Now you’re done

The moment when you select “Allow” or "Grant" in the options, the internet connection of your device will be automatically activated.

You can actually see it on the signal bar right on the top of the screen. If that happens, then congratulations, you have successfully created the quick internet data toggle on your device using Power Toggles.

Anyway, to turn the data OFF, you can simply tap on the widget again.


Isn’t that simple, huh?

Well, what do you think? Does my secret trick work perfectly on your device? Well, if it does, then it means, you have followed my step-by-step guide above properly.

Great job to you!

Anyway, if you find this tutorial helpful and informative for you, please don’t hesitate to share this article to all of your friends on Twitter or Facebook who also happen to use Android devices.

Who knows? they might also find this post helpful for them.
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