5 Activities You Can Do With Your Tablet that Not Many People Know About

Written by B Johnson March 01, 2016
5 Things You Can Do With Your Tablet that Not Many People Know AboutI remember the old days in the past when people back then were still doing their daily activities in modern but now considered as traditional ways, such as: playing games with their portable gaming devices (like Gameboy Advanced or Super Nintendo console), doing homework with their notebooks, reading books with the real actual books or creating paintings on canvas.

However, if we go further into the present, those days now have gone in the wind.

Today most of the people around the world have shifted to the new era – the era of tablet.

The most amazing thing is, not only are people today able to do a lot of things with their tablets, but this touchscreen device also unlocks many potentials of functionality that certainly helps many people out there do their daily activities in more efficient and much simpler way.

Unfortunately, not many of these tablet users know exactly what to do with their tablets when they finally bought one.

Most of them usually will use their tablets just as the device to play some simple casual games, browse the web, check social media updates, watch videos, take photos or record videos.

That’s the reason why, today, I would like to share to you 5 things you can do with your tablet that not many people know about.

Hopefully, all of my tips below will help you improve the way you use your tablet at its full potential

1. Read digital books

Despite the significant increase of readers who read digital books using their tablets, there are actually many people out there that still read books with the real tangible books.

Maybe they just cannot afford to buy tablets or maybe the experience of reading actual books is just irreplaceable with the experience of reading digital books on tablet.

However, with more and more tablet manufacturers making good but affordable tablets to the market, now a lot of people across the world finally can afford to buy tablets.

And this opens up a huge door for book readers to not only find their favorite books, but tablet also gives them the access to many other amazing books that they probably never heard about in their entire lives.

And this is so amazing because thanks to the tablet, now finding your favorite books on the online bookstores like "Books on Google Play" is much easier to do than in the past, where you always had to go to the offline bookstores everytime you wanted to buy books for your new collection.

2. Play some high-performing games

It’s really obvious that most people out there usually use their tablets as a gaming platform.

And that’s not shocking because the catalogue of tablet games on online app stores (like Google Play Store and App Store) keeps growing and growing to the phase where tablet gamers sometimes are confused to find what games to play on their devices given the huge amount of tablet games available on the market.

However, most of tablet gamers today are usually more familiar to play simple casual games like Minion Rush, Temple Run 2 and the one and only - Angry Birds.

Of course, they are simple and fun to play. But that’s a pity because vast majority of tablets today on the market, even the most affordable ones like Google Nexus 7 or HP Slate 7 Extreme, have all what it takes to be great machines to play high-performing games like Modern Combat 5, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8 or even GTA San Andreas.

Furthermore, thanks to the releases of many gaming controllers that are dedicated for smartphones and tablets (including NVIDIA Shield gaming controller for Shield Tablet), now gamers can have more immersive experience when playing games with their tablets.

And not to mention, thanks to NVIDIA’s close partnership with many popular PC and console game developers, now playing some popular console/PC games like Trine 2, Half Life 2 or Oddworld Stranger's Wrath straightly on your tablet is a dream come true.

3. Create some beautiful paintings

The other hidden functionality of tablet that not many people know about is definitely to create paintings.

And this is probably because not all tablets on the market right now are dedicated as note taking devices like Samsung GALAXY Note, Microsoft Surface Pro or HP Slate 7 Extreme, which are equipped with the specific technology (developed by N-Trig) that makes their writing experience more realistic just like writing on a real paper.

And this enables users not only to take simple notes on a note tablet, but also to create some beautiful paintings out of it.

I’ve actually already seen many creative artists on YouTube or Instagram make some beautiful paintings just from the device like Samsung GALAXY Note.

And that is so impressive because drawing paintings on tablet is definitely more efficient because now artists don’t need a new blank paper or canvas anymore everytime they want to start a new painting.

And with that being said, the use of paper will decrease significantly, thus saving a lot of trees in the forest.

4. Make some money through online card games

Not many people know that they can actually make real money using their tablets.

There are tons of ways to do that, like selling your own products online (by using the rear-camera of your tablet and post the images on Instagram), recommending products on Amazon (by using Twitter or Facebook) and many other more.

However, there’s also one other way that you can do to make money by using your tablet. And that’s by playing online card games.

Usually, people who love playing card games will go visit some websites, for example like this one to begin their journey of making some fortune on internet.

But you can also find many great card games on your tablet on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, in the form of apps. There are tons of them you can find here.

5. Write some novel or books

Besides great as the device to create beautiful paintings, tablet can actually become a great platform to write some novels or books.

Okay – I know, writing books on notebook is still more common today maybe because typing words with keyboard is just more efficient and faster – plus less exhausting than writing words on paper.

However, thanks to the release of great note-taking tablets like Samsung GALAXY Note, Microsoft Surface Pro or HP Slate 7 Extreme, I believe writing books or novels on a note tablet is a lot more fun to do than with notebook maybe because the writing experience is more realistic just like writing on paper.

But of course, this still depends on author’s preference.

So despite the release of many great note-taking tablets on the market, the amount of authors who prefer to write books/novels using notebooks will still remain the same in many years to come.


Okay then, that’s all for now about 5 things you can do with your tablet that not many people know about.

Hopefully, you will find some of these tips – if not all – informative and help you unlock the full potential of your tablet.

Anyway, if there are some other tips that you would like to share to me and other readers of this website, then don’t hesitate to shoot your opinion on the comment section below.
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