Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablet: My Thoughts and Impressions

Written by B Johnson September 12, 2014
Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablet: My Thoughts and ImpressionsHi guys, welcome back!

Earlier, i’ve been showing you guys quick reviews of some tablets from different brands – from Nokia with its Lumia tablet series, Microsoft with its Surface series and not to mention, HTC with its HTC Flyer and JetStream tablets.

Today, i still want to keep the momentum going by posting my quick reviews of other tablets that i’ve already showed you here since few months ago.

Okay then, this time, i want to show you a tablet from a Chinese manufacturer named Xiaomi. It’s called Xiaomi Mi Pad.

Xiaomi Mi Pad

The first thing to notice from this Xiaomi’s tablet is definitely its blatant similarities to Apple’s mini tablet – iPad mini.
  • It has the same looking design with 4:3 aspect ratio,
  • it has the same exact screen specs just like Apple’s tablet,
  • it has the same icon-grid UI just like iOS 7 on iPad mini
  • and pretty much everything on this tablet, especially its design, looks really similar with iPad mini.
Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablet: My Thoughts and Impressions

However, despite being an identical twin of iPad mini, there is a lot of things to be liked from this Xiaomi tablet.

As a matter of fact, in terms of performance and overall specs, i personally think that Xiaomi Mi Pad is better than Apple’s tablet and could turn out to be an iPad mini killer.

First of all, on the screen department, Xiaomi Mi Pad features the same 7.9-inch display sporting the same exact resolution as iPad mini with Retina, which is 1536x2048 pixel display, with the same -324 ppi and even the same 4:3 aspect ratio.

This already shows to us that this Xiaomi Mi Pad is already on par with iPad mini on the sector that Apple always brag on its rivals – the so called “Retina Display”.

But more impressively about this Xiaomi Mi Pad is, as far as its performance goes, this tablet – as has been proved in many benchmark tests – is capable to deliver 3 times of graphical performance as Apple’s A7 chipset (PowerVR G6430 GPU) inside the iPad mini with Retina.

And that’s not the end of its awesomeness because the Tegra K1 that is equipped on this Xiaomi’s tablet also proved could deliver the same graphical power as today’s desktop, which cannot even be done with iPad mini 2. Isn’t that amazing, huh?

In terms of overall specs, Xiaomi Mi Pad is also really superior compared to Apple’s mini tablet.
  • It has 2GB of RAM,
  • a staggering 192-core Kepler GPU,
  • an 8MP camera on the back and 5MP camera on the front – which both are able to take some decent and sharp looking shots (as i’ve already seen many many times through video reviews on YouTube),
  • microSD card slot for up to 128GB,
  • a pretty huge 6700mAh power battery (ensuring 11 hours of talk time and 86 hours of music play)
  • and of course, a smooth MIUI that comes pre-installed on this device.

For playing games, it’s really obvious that Xiaomi Mi Pad will be amazing for that matter. In fact, thanks to its Tegra K1 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 192-core GeForce ULP Kepler GPU, this tablet is more than happier to handle any Android games that you see today on the market.

And more impressively, thanks to its Tegra K1 processor, there are many console game developers that have agreed to work together with NVIDIA to bring their popular titles to any Tegra K1 tablet – for example, like Trine 2, Half Life and many other titles that i don’t remember -.

Not to mention, thanks to NVIDIA’s close collaboration with EPIC – a game engine maker -, with this Xiaomi Mi Pad, you can also play many new games not to mention, demos that will be made using the Unreal Engine 4. Isn’t that awesome, huh?

You might not know Xiaomi. However, for a quick flash introduction, Xiaomi is a Chinese company and in the past couple of months, Xiaomi has released a bunch of Xiaomi smartphones and not to mention, this Xiaomi Mi Pad you’re reading on this page.

There are many things that make this company amazing. First of all is the fact that Hugo Barra – an exGoogler who used to work on Android marketing department – is now the vice president of Xiaomi.

And then, Steve Wozniak – which is one of the founders of Apple and used to work closely with Steve Jobs -, has been talking some great things about Xiaomi through interviews, especially its products.

And last but not least is, Xiaomi has been selling million units of smartphones and even this Xiaomi Mi Pad, has also been selling almost 8 million units (if i’m not mistaken) all across the world.

And this company now is the huge threat for Apple and Samsung – in fact, Xiaomi just kicked Apple and Samsung on smartphone market in China and become the top smartphone manufacturer in China.

In terms of quality of Xiaomi products, you cannot just assume that the quality of Xiaomi products will suck.

Well, that’s so WRONG because even though Xiaomi devices are sold in mid-to-low price range, this company manages to maintain the powerful specs and high-quality of its products on the same level.

And this can be achieved because Xiaomi only sells its devices through internet or at online retailers, not offline retailers or smartphone stores.

And that’s the thing that keeps the cost of its products low, unlike other smartphone brands that are mostly sold through offline retailers that usually become more expensive through added costs from one big retailer to other small retailers, not to mention the marketing campaign in every country and taxes of course.

So with all of these facts presented to you (in your face, lol, just kidding), then you should have no hesitation anymore regarding the quality of Xiaomi products, including this Xiaomi Mi Pad tablet.

This tablet is still a great quality tablet.
  • It has the best mobile processor on the market today,
  • it has a high-resolution “Retina Display”,
  • it has huge RAM,
  • it has fast and smooth UI,
  • it has decent and sharp cameras,
  • it has good solid build quality – in fact, many reviewers call Xiaomi Mi Pad as the tablet version of iPhone 5C,
  • and pretty much everything about this device is just great.
And the most importantly, with this tablet, you can play many latest and the most graphically demanding games like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 5, NOVA 3, GTA San Andreas and even other console-port titles like Trine 2 (PS3), Half Life and many other future releases, not to mention, the newer ones running on Unreal Engine 4.

Okay then, that’s it for now about this Xiaomi Mi Pad.

I know that Xiaomi only has one model of tablet.

However, if this company releases other new models in the future, i’ll definitely be updating this blog post with other tablet models from this company.

So you might want to bookmark this page for further updates in the future.

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