Who Plays the Role as Bioshock Infinite Big Daddy?

Written by B Johnson May 15, 2013
Who Plays the Role as Bioshock Infinite Big Daddy?
As we can see in Bioshock Infinite, Big Daddy in this game is re-created by Irrational Games into another form of guard, but still has that big giant size body.

This time in Bioshock Infinite, Big Daddy is shown to you in the game as a bird, to be precise, a big giant robotic bird called Songbird.

And yeah, just like the regular big daddy in the previous series, Songbird will still have those 3-color eyes, where each of them represents each different reaction from this bird.

Therefore, don’t scratch your head in case i refer Songbird in this article as Big Daddy, given that they both basically are just the same guardians that have the same role to protect the girl characters in Bioshock games.

The Similarities Between Big Daddy and Songbird

Anyway, there are many things about Songbird that make him so powerful and simply unbeatable in Bioshock Infinite.

Big Daddy may have a huge share of spotlight in the previous Bioshock, but in this latest installment of the game, it’s definitely Songbird who holds the thunder in Bioshock Infinite.

Big Daddy, which now is in the form of robotic Songbird, still has some of key elements that makes him look really tough in his entire look.

First of all, Songbird wears some kind of solid steel-made armor in his whole suit.

This of course makes this bird look powerful in the eyes of his enemies, which in this case are the Vox Populi people and Booker himself.

The other thing that makes Songbird and Big Daddy look similar is their job description.

As some of you already know, Songbird is given a main job by Comstock to protect Elizabeth from anyone who wants to get close to her or to help her escape from the tower.

Again, in this case, are Vox Populi people and yourself as Booker in Bioshock Infinite.

Big Daddy, on the other hand, in the previous Bioshock Games, is given a main job to protect Little Sisters and also to escort them all around Rapture.

So basically, they are just the same characters with the similar job.

Besides those 2, there is also one other specific key element from both of them that clearly shows that in Bioshock Infinite, Big Daddy is represented to the gamers as Songbird.

And that is their same 3-color eyes that many fans of Bioshock game has been familiar with.

If you have already played the previous series of Bioshock, then you all know that Big Daddy’s 3-color eyes have been programmed by his creator as the tool to control how this guy will react to enemies around him.

This goes the same with Songbird.

In Bioshock Infinite, Big Daddy who is represented as Songbird, also inherits those 3 different colors in his eyes just like Big Daddy.

And they are the same red, yellow and green colors.

When his eyes are still in green, that means there is no action needed by Songbird as there is no attack or threat around Elizabeth.

So Songbird will give no extreme reaction whatsoever and maybe stands still in his beloved cage.

However, when they go into yellow, this is when Songbird becomes aware and senses some threats around his guarded lady, in this case, Elizabeth.

In this phase, Songbird will definitely go out from his cage and start flying over Elizabeth just to check her condition or situation around her.

Finally, when Songbird’s eyes turn to RED.

This only means one thing, Songbird will become brutal and will mercilessly attack anyone who dares to get close to Elizabeth.

The other similarity that sets Big Daddy and Songbird in a very little distance is how Big Daddy and Songbird communicate.

As shown in the game, Big Daddy always uses his haunting calls, just like the sounds of whales, in order to call the other Big Daddies.

Meanwhile, Songbird will also use his loud voice in order to communicate, mostly to Elizabeth.

The Differences Between Big Daddy and Songbird

However, despite their similarities, there are also some elements that make both of Songbird in Bioshock Infinite, Big Daddy, different.

First of all, in the previous Bioshock games, Big Daddy is shown as a guardian who are wearing some kind of big helmet on his head.

The reason why Big Daddy uses this huge helmet is because, as we all know already, the events in previous Bioshock games happen in underwater city of Rapture.

And this location is really deep in the ocean, so no human will and can survive in this type of depth.

It’s just impossible.

Therefore, even though Bid Daddy is narrated as a genetically enhanced human being, he will still need some equipments and special diving suit that are designed specifically to help Big Daddy survive in that deep ocean.

It goes the same with his huge thick helmet that surely will help him breath conveniently inside the water.

Meanwhile, on his hand, we can see that there is a really sharp driller that is equipped on his right hand to help him drill some solid rocks or walls inside the ocean.

On the other hand, Songbird is living in the floating city of Columbia, which is up in the air. So he doesn’t need all of those equipments and suit in order to survive in Columbia.

However, given that this event in Bioshock Infinite happens in the floating city in the sky, then Songbird, as a bird, will be equipped with huge wings under his shoulders, making sure that he can freely fly away whenever he wants, especially to chase anyone who dares to get close to Elizabeth.

Songbird in Bioshock Infinite

As appeared in some cutscenes in Bioshock Infinite, Big Daddy, who is now shown as Songbird, is simply unbeatable by Booker.

Whenever they meet each other face-to-face, Songbird is always on top of Booker and Booker is even almost killed by Songbird’s sharp claws.

And this happens when Songbird finally manages to capture Elizabeth and bring her back to Comstock.

So yeah, pretty much, Songbird is just too strong for Booker to defeat.

However, things get differently when Booker finally meets with the “Future of Elizabeth”, who appears after Songbird manages to capture Elizabeth.

Apparently, the reason why the future Elizabeth shows herself to Booker is because she wants to give Booker a special instrument called “The Whistler” and songnotes that will be helpful for Booker to control Songbird.

Soon after that, Booker then is sent back to his present reality where he can find Elizabeth.

Okay, now let’s skip fast to the moment when Booker finally faces Songbird again for the last time in this game.

As shown in Bioshock Infinite, Big Daddy, who is now is presented as Songbird, finally faces Booker for the very last time.

In that moment, Booker finally manages to control Songbird with the thing called “The Whistler”, plus the songnotes of course, and make Songbird destroy the siphon, some kind of machine or device that has been preventing Elizabeth from using her full power.

And the moment when the siphon has been destroyed, everything has changed.

After the devastating destruction of siphon, Elizabeth finally can use her full power to open the tear. She then transports her, Booker and Songbird to the Rapture, which is the underwater city used in the previous Bioshock games.

In that city, Songbird then dies because Elizabeth transports him inside the water, while Booker and Elizabeth are inside the building of Rapture.

So thanks to the high pressure of deep ocean, Songbird can’t survive there and must die running out of breathe.

So yeah, there you go, the short story about Big Daddy and Songbird in Bioshock Infinite. Hopefully, you get something from what i say in this article.

If you have any question regarding this matter, then feel free to post your question in the comment section below. See you there!

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