9 Bioshock Infinite Plasmids or Vigor that You Can Find in This Game

Written by B Johnson May 19, 2013
9 Bioshock Infinite Plasmids or Vigor that You Can Find in This Game
Having been blessed with many big guns at his disposal apparently is not enough for Booker to protect him and Elizabeth against the violent attacks from enemies along their journey.

Therefore, in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids or vigor can give Booker some kind of super power from his left hand that he can throw to enemies that stand in his way.

However, in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids are called as vigor because they basically are different types of potions with different shapes, plasmids are in the form of serum while vigor are in the shape of potion.

But given that many fans of Bioshock games are more familiar with the name “plasmids” than “vigor”, then i believe in this Bioshock Infinite, plasmids will still be acceptable to be called as the name of vigor for all of us here, especially since they both have a similar function to grant Booker or player to use the secondary super powers.

Anyway, in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids can be found in many places around the streets in Columbia.

With these “beverages”, Booker can activate his inner super power and begin using it as secondary weapon besides the tangible guns.

Usually, after drinking the plasmid or vigor, Booker suddenly will feel an extreme pain but will quickly last, especially around his hands.

The good news is, in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids will not hurt your hands literally as only Booker who will suffer from that extreme pain.

Okay then, without further ado, if you are looking for information about all the vigor used by Booker in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids if that’s what you want to call them, then you just came at the right place.

In this article, here i will show you all the plasmids that can be found in this game.


Booker discovers the first plasmid when he meets a lady who always carries bouqet in his hands.

That first plasmid will give Booker a super power called “Possessions” that allows Booker to hack any machine that is against him, and with that power, Booker can turn it into his allies.

As shown in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids called “Possessions” will be used by Booker for the very first time when some kind of machine that guard the gate, prohibits Booker from entering to the city in Columbia.

And thanks to that super power, Booker can turn that machine into his allies and will allow him to pass the gate.

Besides turning enemy’s machines into his allies, Booker can also use his “Possessions” super power to make some machines, which are used to upgrade Booker’s powers, into giving him some coins so you can upgrade your telekinesis super powers.

However, you cannot always get coins from all the machines as it will also depend on your luck in this game.

Anyway, this telekinesis super power will be shown in green energy.

Possessions on Man: Turn Enemies into Allies

Interestingly, as shown in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids that grant you the power of “Possession” have 2 types of super powers.

The first one, as mentioned above, will allow you to turn enemy’s machines into allies.

Meanwhile, the second “Possession” super power can be applied directly to any enemy that stands in your way, with the exception of big bosses like Handyman or President Columbus.

Just like the first one, this second “Possession” super power will also be shown in green. So every time you throw this telekinesis power to enemy, they will turn into green.

And then, they will be paralyzed from attacking you and instead, will start attacking your enemies.

Devil’s Kiss: Throw Fire Grenade

One of my favorite vigor in this game is this one, called “Devil’s Kiss”.

In Bioshock Infinite, plasmids that activate your “Devil’s Kiss” power will allow you to use some kind of fire power from your left hand, which you can throw it to enemies just like a fire grenade to create a devastating fire explosion around them.

This telekinesis power will be great to use if your enemies are gathered in one area.

Besides throwing this power just like a fire grenade, by holding the button and releasing it, you can also make a fire trap for enemies.

With this trick, if enemies are standing on your fire trap, it will be automatically activated and create such a blazing fire trap around them.

This trick will be great to use if enemies are walking toward your position in a group.

Murder of Crows: Throw Crows to Enemies

The other interesting telekinesis power that Booker possesses in his hands is called “Murder of Crows”.

In Bioshock Infinite, plasmids that grant this power will allow you to unleash a flock of crows and use them to attack enemies that stand in your way.

This super power will create great damages to enemies if you release that power in a group of enemies that are blatantly attacking you from any corner.

This will create chaos around enemies so they can’t focus on attacking you, and finally, the crows will start eating your enemy’s flesh.

Just like “Possessions” and “Devil’s Kiss”, you can also implement the trick of holding and releasing the button in order to create a trap of crows for enemies.

This surely will be effective to use if you want to shock enemies silently, so the chaos around them will give you the chance to attack them when they haven’t prepared yet with the battle.

Bucking Bronco: Shock Enemies into the Air

Besides “Devil’s Kiss”, i personally think that “Bucking Bronco” is also my favorite telekinesis power possessed by Booker.

As shown in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids that activate this power will allow Booker to shock enemies in the air.

What makes this telekinesis power so great is because Booker can shock his enemies and make them fly in the air unconsciously.

So after having managed to throw enemies in the air, it will give Booker the chance to attack them one by one or maybe, blow them up with your “Devil’s Kiss” super power.

You can also use the second method in unleashing this power by holding and releasing the button to create an erupted trap for your enemies.

This will surely give you the chance to attack them silently when they haven’t prepared yet for the battle.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s power to open the tears can also be useful to transport a moving cargo in order to collide enemies in the air after being shocked with that power.

But this will strongly depend on whether there is a moving cargo or not around your area that can be granted by Elizabeth’s power.

Shock Jockey: Lightning Power

Booker’s other interesting telekinesis powers is called Shock Jockey. With this super power, you can create such a blazing lightning and use it to electrocute enemies to death.

And just like the other Booker’s super powers, in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids that grant “Shock Jockey” will allow Booker to strike a group of enemies with this lightning if they stand near around each other.

You can also hold and release the button to create a lightning trap for your enemies.

This can be effective and give great damages if you create the trap under a group of enemies that are standing in one area.

Charge: Storm/Tornado

In Bioshock Infinite, plasmids that activate “Charge” will allow Booker to create such a huge storm or tornado and use it to blow enemies from where they’re standing.

However, this telekinesis power doesn’t create such great damages to enemies as this will only throw your enemies from their current positions.

But this is still useful when you are attacked by enemies from many positions or when you’re running out of lifebar and you just have nowhere to go.

By holding and releasing the button, you can create such a devastating tornado blow if your enemies are standing below the trap.

This will surely be effective to use if you see a group of enemies are walking in one area.

Undertow: Ocean Wave

In Bioshock Infinite, plasmids that grant you the telekinesis power called “Undertow” will allow you to wash enemies with a wave of water. By using this power, you can create such a huge mess to enemies so they will stop shooting at you.

Meanwhile, if you hold and release the button, this power will grab and pull enemy that is standing far away from your position by using water.

After pulling enemies toward your position, you can then attack them with your guns.

This power will be effective to use if you are having a trouble shooting enemy that is standing very far away from you.

Return to Sender: Magnetic Shield

Finally, in Bioshock Infinite, plasmids that active the power called “Return to Sender” will let Booker generate a magnetic shield in front of Booker.

There are also 2 other ways to use this super power. The first one is by holding the button to suck and throw enemies.

And if you hold and release the button, you can create a trap for enemies.

Well, those are all 9 vigor that you can discover along your journey in Bioshock Infinite.

Plasmids that i think are my favorites are “Devil’s Kiss” and “Bucking Bronco”, while “Shock Jockey” is also interesting to use.

What about you?

What is your favorite telekinesis power in Bioshock Infinite? Don’t be shy. Feel free to share yours in the comment section below!

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