How to download Instagram videos using Mozilla Firefox?

Written by B Johnson September 15, 2016
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One of the coolest things about Instagram app is, besides for checking out many cool inspiring photos through this app, now you can also watch videos posted by other Instagram users. So the experience of using this app will be a lot more fun than just looking at static photos.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't provide the option to download the videos. So every time you want to watch the videos again, you must open your Instagram app and then go to the individual page of every video. And this of course requires internet connection for every time you do it, which is not cost effective.

The good news is, there’s actually a workaround that will allow you to download videos from Instagram and save the videos on your Android device. So whenever you feel like re-watching the videos, you can watch them over again offline without activating your internet connection.

Anyway, earlier I already showed you how to download Instagram videos using a very cool app that is available on Google Play Store. But today, I want to show you another way to download videos on Instagram app.

Okay then, below I’m about to show you how to download Instagram videos by using the Mozilla Firefox app (web browser). But you can also apply this trick to download videos from other websites around the net.

#1. Open Mozilla Firefox app

Okay, first of all, now open your Mozilla Firefox app. But if you haven’t had it yet, you can download this web browser for free on Google Play Store. It weighs around 25MB if I’m not mistaken, so I strongly recommend you to use your WiFi connection when downloading this app in order to save your mobile internet data.

#2. Go to Firefox add-on website

After opening (or downloading) Mozilla Firefox app, now open the menu options (on the TOP RIGHT CORNER) > select ‘Tools’ > and choose ‘Add-ons’. After that, on the add-on configuration screen, tap the option ‘Browse all Firefox add-ons’ in order to go to Firefox add-on website.

You can actually go to Firefox add-on website by typing the URL inside the address bar, but I think the method above is much quicker and simpler than typing the URL address of Firefox add-on website.

#3. Download add-on called YouTube Downloader 4K Download

In order to be able to download Instagram videos, then you’re gonna need a Firefox add-on called ‘YouTube Downloader – 4K Download’.

Okay, now find an add-on called ‘YouTube Downloader – 4K Download’ > click on its download page > and then press ‘Add to Firefox’ to start downloading this add-on to your Firefox app.

#4. Wait for 10 seconds or more

Bear in mind that the downloading process of this add-on takes around 10 seconds or more to complete (depends on your internet speed) given that this add-on is pretty huge in size. But during this process, DO NOT PRESS anything on the screen until the installation window pops up on the screen.

It’s really important for you to not press any button here because Firefox app is going to download the add-on in the background. So you cannot see the downloading progress on the screen. And if you press any button, it will disrupt the process and prevent the installation window from showing up on the screen.

#5. Press 'Install'

Okay, after the downloading process is complete, the installation window will appear on the screen. Now press ‘Install’ to begin installing this add-on to your Firefox app.

#6. Restart Mozilla Firefox

Once the installation is complete, Firefox will ask you to restart this app in order to start activating the add-on on Firefox. You can actually see the ‘restart’ option appear on the top once the installation process is complete. But you can also just close the app and open it up again to restart the app manually.

#7. Try to open teh profile page of any Instagram user

Now open your Instagram app and find any Instagram video that you would like to download on your device. After that, hit the menu option of that video on the TOP RIGHT CORNER (3 dot icon) > and select ‘Copy share URL’ to copy the link address of the video.

The next thing to do is, open Mozilla Firefox app > paste the link address inside the address bar > and then hit enter. By doing so, Firefox will lead you to the individual page of that Instagram video which you would like to download.

Okay, now you’re a half way to go.

#8. Play the video

After landing on Instagram website, now play the video by pressing the ‘PLAY’ button right on the center of the video. When you do that, the video will start playing on the screen.

#9. Press the blue-arrow icon on the top

As you can see on the screen, after you press the ‘PLAY’ button on Instagram video, a blue-arrow icon will appear inside the address bar on the top. Yes - that is the download button generated by ‘YouTube Downloader’ add-on which you just installed earlier from Firefox add-on website.

Once the blue-arrow icon appears, press this icon to generate the download link of the Instagram video you're currently watching.

However, if you don't see this blue-arrow icon, you can also open the menu option inside the address bar > and then select the option 'Download Media' in the list.

#10. Download the video

Once you press the blue-arrow icon on the top, this add-on will then open a new blank tab that contains the download link of that Instagram video. To download the video, you can simply press the download link that appears on the new blank tab.

Mozilla Firefox will automatically download the video and save it on your device. The downloading process of this video actually only takes a couple of seconds because Instagram videos mostly are short in duration, which means, they are gonna be small in size, like around 3MB to 10MB.

#11. View the video

After the downloading process is finished, now you can enjoy the Instagram video right away on your device. You will find this Instagram video inside the folder named ‘Download’ in the root directory of internal/external storage.

You can use file explorer to find this video by the way. But I believe this video will automatically appear on the video player (app) that you have on your device.


Well, there you have it guys, my trick for you if you want to download Instagram videos using Mozilla Firefox. Anyway, I’ve actually made another trick to download Instagram video using an app from Google Play Store. So if you’re interested to check that out, you can also head over to this page.
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