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Written by B Johnson January 19, 2015
HP Slate Tablets: Impressive Gaming Devices from Hewlett PackardHi guys, welcome back to this site!

Today, i want to keep the momentum going by cranking out more of my quick roundup of other tablet brand.

And as the title of this post suggests, the next tablet series that i’m about to discuss in this quick roundup is going to be HP Slate series.

In the last few months, i’ve actually been writing some of tablets from HP under the HP Slate series, either from the oldest-gen HP Touch webOS to the most advanced and my favorite slate from HP – HP Slate 7 Extreme, a stylus-dedicated tablet powered by Tegra 4 processor.

One thing that really makes me impressed a lot with HP Slate series is actually its gaming performance.

I know that not all HP Slate tablets have great gaming performance - *cough* HP Touch webOS *cough* -, however, there is one tablet from HP that i really found interesting.

And that tablet is HP Slate 7 tablet, which performs really well for gaming, despite not having some monster specs under its hood.

My other favorite tablet from this company is definitely HP Slate 7 Extreme, a 7-inch tablet powered by NVIDIA’s powerful Tegra 4 processor, which comes with a great quality stylus – similar just the S-Pen of Samsung GALAXY Note series.

Not only does this tablet have an powerful gaming performance, but HP Slate 7 Extreme amazingly is also great for taking notes, listening to music (thanks to its dual-front speaker grilles) and even drawing some professional paintings.

Besides those 2 Slate series, HP also has some other interesting tablets under this same series, which i’m about to show today in this quick roundup.

But i’m not going to include HP Slate 7 Extreme, HP Slate 7 Plus and HP Slate 8 Pro because if i’m not mistaken, i’ve already made the short reviews of these 3 tablets a few months ago.

But, i’ll probably change my mind in the future and have interest to bring them up again in this same type of quick roundup, but with new updated information of course.

So you should stick around to this site if you don't wanna miss anything about those tablets.

Okay then, without further ado, in this quick roundup, i’m gonna shaer to you all the HP tablets that i’ve already reviewed on this site. Enjoy!

HP Slate 7

HP Slate7 TabletAs i mentioned above, HP Slate 7 is one of HP’s tablets that really made me impressed a lot in my old review.

And one of the reasons is actually its gaming performance.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect the tablet to have such a great gaming performance because it’s not packing some monster specs on it or some renowned flagship processor.

Even more impressively, latest graphics intense games like Modern Combat 4 and NOVA 3 both perform smoothly even in full graphics.

And this is really amazing for me because there are not many tablets that are capable to run these 2 games in full graphics unless they are armed with some high-grade processors and GPUs.

HP Slate 7 is equipped
  • a 7-inch LCD display sporting the low resolution 1024x600 pixels (which probably really helps a lot in making it great for gaming),
  • a dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU clocked at 1.6GHz per core,
  • 1GB of RAM,
  • 3.15MP and VGA cameras back and front respectively,
  • Beats Audio sound enhancement,
  • microSD card slot for up to 32GB,
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean comes out of the box
  • and a promised 5 hours of battery life.
I’m not really sure which type of GPU that HP crams beneath this tablet, but i’m guessing it is Mali 400 GPU, since this GPU is really powerful – despite being an oldest-gen GPU -, and proved could handle many latest graphics intense games like Modern Combat 4 (even Modern Combat 5), NOVA 3 or Need for Speed Most Wanted.

So i’m not surprised if that’s true.

Overall, HP Slate 7 is simply a decent quality tablet. And i’m guessing it’s also really cheap right now from HP’s website.

So if you’re planning to get this tablet in the near future, it’s probably not a bad decision to get this affordable device.

However, if you want more powerful option but still in affordable price point, you can also try HP Slate 7 Extreme or HP Slate 7 Plus, which each is packing Tegra 4 and Tegra 3 respectively.

And these 2 processors are widely known to have superior performance for gaming.

HP Slate10 HD

HP Slate10 HD TabletIf you’re looking for a larger 10-inch tablet officially made by HP, then you might want to check out this HP Slate10 HD.

As the name of this tablet implies, this one is a 10-inch tablet sporting the HD 1280x800 pixel resolution.

I personally don’t recommend you this tablet, especially if you’re looking for a great 10-inch tablet for gaming.

There are many other options that are way better than this tablet, in terms of gaming performance – like Google Nexus 10, Google Nexus 9 or Samsung GALAXY Tab 4/Tab S/Tab Pro 10.1.

Not to mention, Asus Transformer Pad TF701T with its Tegra 4.

In terms of hardware and performance, HP Slate10 HD is probably not gonna make you fully satisfied especially since this tablet is only armed with Marvel PXA986 dual-core processor, the same one found inside the Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Lite.

And this Samsung’s tablet is a lowest-end tablet, below the regular Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 models (GALAXY Tab 3, Tab 8 and Tab 10).

As i’ve already seen on YouTube, this Samsung’s tablet is not that capable to handle many latest graphics demanding games.

I’m also not really sure about the GPU that HP injects inside this 10-inch tablet.

But i’m guessing it’s probably the same one just like on Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Lite – which is Vivante GC100.

And this GPU is not really superior especially for handling games – especially 3D heavy games.

So if you’re planing to get this tablet in the near future, you probably will be left disappointed with its gaming performance.

Games like Asphalt 8: Airborne and GTA San Andreas most definitely won’t run smoothly even in medium graphics, let alone in full graphics.

However, if you’re only looking for a good media-consumption tablet, i still believe you can still gain a lot of benefits from this large 10-inch tablet from HP.

Besides, it still has those 5MP and 2MP cameras back and front that are able to take 1080p and 720p videos.

Not to mention, thanks to its Beats Audio sound enhancement, enjoying media contents like movies, music or games will be a lot more fun because the sound is really loud and clear.

And thanks to its microSD card slot for up to 32GB, you can have a huge capacity of storage if the 16GB internal storage is already filled with all of your media files.

Finally, thanks to the 7000mAh battery, you’re promised to have a really long 10 hours, which is good enough for media consumption use.

Its gaming performance may not be that mind blowing, but at least, there are still some goodies that you can reap from this tablet.

Besides, it’s made by HP, which we all know, has years of experience in making computer-related devices, right?

So when it comes to quality, you’ll be sure that you’re not gonna be disappointed.

Not to mention, there is the “HP” logo on the back, making it look more professional and elegant to use in front of people, despite not having a premium design like iPads.

HP TouchPad WebOS

HP Touchpad webOS TabletThere is one tablet from HP that was doomed to fail even when it was released. And this one was HP TouchPad WebOS, a 9.7-inch tablet running on not-so-popular webOS platform.

This tablet actually has been discontinued by HP (which is not surprising). So you’ll probably have a hard time finding this tablet lying around the tablet stores near your town right now.

HP Touchpad webOS 2 TabletHowever, despite having a small webOS ecosystem, i actually still had interest to write review about this tablet.

And the reason why i did that was because, according to what i’ve seen on YouTube, there are many videos showing this tablet run on Android OS, instead of webOS.

Soon I finally found out that most of users of this tablet apparently decided to root this device and flash it with custom ROM made by CyanogenMod, which has most of stock Android features and the most importantly, its standard design layout.

The great thing found on this device is actually its hardware.

Despite being an older-gen tablet, HP TouchPad webOS interestingly comes with a dual-core Snapdragon APQ8060 processor, accompanied by Adreno 220 GPU and 1GB of RAM, which are more than adequate to handle most of heavy games released in 2011 – 2012.

So even if you decide to buy this tablet, there are still some pretty great games that you can still enjoy at the fullest with this tablet, like Dungeon Defender - wh8ih is a 3D open world RPG - and many other 3D games in early 2012.

HP TouchPad webOS packs some pretty good hardware on it, from a 9.7-inch display sporting the 1024x768 pixels – which used to be considered as great in 2011’s tablet market -, a dual-core Snapdragon APQ8060 processor, Adreno 220 GPU, 1GB of RAM, 6300mAh battery, webOS v3.0 (which can be rooted and flashed with CyanogenMOD through CWM recovery window), 1.3MP front-facing camera and a promised 300 hours of standby and 9 hours of talk time.

However, i strongly recommend you to switch to other tablets, especially if you don’t know how to root your Android device.

You can try, HP Slate 10HD, Google Nexus 10, Google Nexus 9 or Asus Transformer Pad TF701T.

HP Slate6 VoiceTab

HP Slate6 VoiceTabHP Slate6 VoiceTab is actually a new released tablet from HP. It came out in February 2014 last yaer.

It is a tablet with phone functionality, similar just like what Samsung has to offer through Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 with 3G connectivity.

But the great thing about this device is actually its screen size that is only 6-inches sporting the 720p resolution, which is not as huge and bulky as Samsung’s tablet.

HP Slate6 VoiceTab 2

The strongest point found on this HP Slate6 VoiceTab is definitely its design.

Compared to other HP Slate tablets, even other tablets in general, this 6-inch HP tablet interestingly has that unique pattern all over its rear-cover, which somehow makes it look really modern and attractive from the back, even premium.

Meanwhile, on the front side, this tablet strikes a resemblance with the design of HP Slate 7 Extreme, which has those dual-front speaker grilles, giving it a loud and clear sound quality, and 2 layer colors - dark gray and black around the side of the screen.

Long story short, HP Slate6 VoiceTab looks really gorgeous overall.

However, despite having that gorgeous design, there is something that doesn’t really impress me from this tablet.

And that is its gaming performance.

HP Slate6 VoiceTab is powered by a quad-core Marvel PXA1088 – as opposed to the Marvel PXA986 on HP Slate 10HD above -, coupled with 1GB of RAM.

I honestly don’t know exactly about what GPU that HP puts beneath this tablet.

But i'm guessing it is Vivante GC100 (because this GPU is the companion of Marvell PXA1088 inside Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 7.0

According to what i’ve seen on YouTube, this tablet really suffers a lot when playing NOVA 3 and Beach Buggy Blitz.

But weirdly, Asphalt 8: Airborne runs really solid on this tablet, in medium graphics setting. I’m not sure what to say about its gaming performance.

But i don’t think this tablet has a decent gaming performance overall, especially compared to HP Slate 7 Extreme, HP Slate 7 Plus or HP Slate 8 Pro, or even HP Slate 7 tablet.

However, apart from that, i think that HP Slate6 VoiceTab is still a decent quality tablet.
  • It has a gorgeous design,
  • it has dual-SIM phone functionality,
  • it has microSD card slot for up to 64GB,
  • it has a complete set of cameras (5MP + 2MP back and front with LED flash),
  • it comes with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (which is the nearest version of the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop),
  • and many other great things.
So even if you’re not able to play NOVA 3 and other heavy 3D games in buttery smooth performance on this device, there are still some great benefits you can reap from this tablet.

HP Slate6 VoiceTab may not be a great gaming tablet, but with that dual-SIM and complete features, i still think that this tablet deserves its place in the heart of tablet shoppers out there on the market.


Okay then, that’s all for now my quick roundup of these HP Slate tablets.

I know that there are still some new upcoming tablets from HP that i haven’t included in this quick roundup.

But maybe in the near future – once i’ve finished writing the reviews of those tablets – i’ll probably bring some new updates to this page.

So if you don't want to miss that, you might want to bookmark this page for further updates.
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