How to kill Mr.X in Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE 2)?

Posted by B. Johnson
How to kill Mr.X in Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE 2)?
As many of you know, Mr.X is the most annoying enemy and the most terrifying as well in Resident Evil 2 Remake mainly because he keeps chasing you no matter where you are.

You just took a breath after getting chased by a horde of zombies, and this guy came out of nowhere and started doing his favorite things in the game - chasing you, punching you, choking you and lastly, killing you.

The worst part about Mr. X is that this enemy is unkillable which means no matter how many bullets you land on him or how powerful guns you have, there's nothing you can do about it. You just cannot kill him. If he was in Doom video game, he was definitely in God mode.

How to kill Mr.X in Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE 2)?

The good news is, despite having 9 lives (like cats), there's actually something that you can do to stop Mr. X from chasing you, or at least, slow him down so it will buy you some time to get away from him and proceed to the mission.

1. Always aim for the head

Okay, we all know that Mr. X cannot be killed. And that is the fact you must accept. The good thing is, you can still slow him down and even put him on his knee.

The best advice for you is to always aim on his head every time you're trying to shoot him with your gun. Don't waste your ammunition by shooting him on his body. Always shot his head to land some serious damage on him.

If you manage to keep shooting on his head, sooner or later, he will be down on his knee and you can use the time to escape from him and proceed to your mission.

2. use more powerful weapon

The other great advice for you is to always use some serious weapon like grenade launcher or shotgun every time Mr. X shows up. But make sure to always aim for the head because shooting at his body is pretty much useless, although powerful guns like grenade launcher or shotgun can still land some damage on his body.

3. Hide in the safe house and load up some ammo

The good thing is, Mr. X is not allowed to enter to the safe house. So every time you see him, you can hide and take a rest in the safe house, where you can find the typewriter and storage box. Mr. X won't be able to get inside this room no matter how hard he tries.


Well, there you go guys. I know that my advice in this article is nothing new to many of you here, especially the ones who have played the game for years. But hopefully, this will at least help some of new players of RE 2 Remake.
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