How to Backup the Save Game of Little Nightmares 2 on Windows 10 PC?

Posted by B. Johnson
How to Backup the Save Game Data of Little Nightmares 2?
Little Nightmare is definitely one of the best horror games on today's consoles. The first game, released a few years ago, still brings "little nightmares" to many of its fans. And the latest from the series - Little Nightmares 2 - is no exception. Now it takes the game even further to the new level of horror.

How to Backup the Save Game Data of Little Nightmares 2?

How to Backup the Save Game Data of Little Nightmares 2?

Anyway, if you happen to be a huge fan of Little Nightmares 2 and you are still playing it right now on your PC, it's probably best if you backup the save data of this game in case something terrible happens to your computer in the future.

Or maybe, if you want to play this game on other PC, I am going to show you how exactly to backup the save data of Little Nightmares 2 and then transfer them later on other laptop.

1. Go to your local C drive

Okay, first things first, now open File Explorer on your pc. And then open the local C drive.

2. Open the folder "Users"

In your local C drive, there will be a bunch of folders that mostly control the system of your PC. Now open the folder "Users".

3. Go to your "PC name" folder

In "Users" folder, open your PC name folder. If you name your PC as "Smith PC", then this is the folder you're gonna be opening right now.

4. View the hidden folders

I assume that in default, some of the folders of your PC has been set as "hidden". Meanwhile, the save data of Little Nightmares 2 is hidden in the system folder of your PC. So in order to be able to see your save data, you must first set these hidden folders as viewable.

To do this, on the top left corner, press the menu "File", and then select the setting menu to open the "Folder Option".

In the list of settings, scroll down on the section "Hidden Folders", and then tick the option that says "Show Folders and Files".

Now press "Ok" to apply the changes.

5. Go to "AppData"

As you can see, the hidden folders on your PC now can been viewed normally just like other folders. Now open the folder "AppData".

6. Go to "Local"

There will be 3 folders shown here: Local, LocalLow and Roaming. Now select the folder "Local".

7. Open "Helios" folder

In "Local" folder, select the folder named "Helios", which is the name of the publisher of Little Nightmares 2.

8. Open the folder "Saved"

In that folder, you will see the folder "Saved". Now open it.

9. Open "SaveGames"

Now open the folder "SaveGames". This is where the save data of Little Nightmares 2 can be found.

10. Copy the the folder "SaveGames"

Okay, now you have found all the save data of Little Nightmares 2. To create the backup, all you have to do right now is copy the folder "SaveGames" and then paste it somewhere else, like on Desktop or your flashdisk maybe.

11. Use the save data on other PC

The next time you want to install the game on your other PC like laptop or desktop, you can just go to the folder "Saved" and then paste the folder "SaveGame" here.

12. Start the game and load the save data

Okay, I assume that now you have installed Little Nightmares 2 game on your other PC. And you have also pasted your save data into the game. Now to load save data, you can simply start the game, and from there you can load your save data within the game.

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