Advan w800 Vanbook Tablet: a great Windows 8.1 tablet for playing PES 2012

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Advan Vanbook W80: cheap $80 Windows 8.1 tablet for everyone
Hey guys, if you're currently looking for a pretty good Windows 8.1 tablet and you also happen to not have big budget to spend, why don't you check out a Windows 8.1 tablet called 'Advan Vanbook W80'.

Yes - Advan Vanbook W80 might be a great option if you're looking for Windows 8.1 tablet. It runs Windows 8.1 (full-fledged OS) out of the box and this Windows OS on this device is actually the original version from Microsoft. So you'll get the original license key and it will be yours forever.

What's so great about Advan Vanbook W80?

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But what's so special about Advan Vanbook W80, besides its original Windows 8.1 OS?

Well, first things first, this tablet is actually a pretty good Windows 8.1 tablet. According to many of its users, its screen is really responsive to touch and it's also capable to run some high-performing PC games, even the best console/PC game in 2014 - Bioshock Infinite.

But we totally don't recommend you to use this tablet for a pure gaming device because it will only torture its hardware and all the components inside it.

So if you're planning to get this Advan W80 tablet, we suggest you to only use it for some basic things like editing documents on Microsoft Office, editing low-res videos (under 480p videos), browsing the web, watching movies, listening to music and other basic tasks.

The Specs

Advan Vanbook W80 is running on Intel Baytrail CRZ3735G 64-bit quad-core processor (@22nm clocked at 1.3GHz), coupled with 1GB of RAM. All the graphical processing on this device will be handled by Intel HD Graphics Bay Trail and from what we saw around the net, it's a pretty good GPU.

This tablet comes with an 8-inch display with the resolution of 1280x800 pixels. So screen looks pretty sharp on this device. And we heard, many users were pretty satisfied with the screen. Of course, you cannot expect anything spectacular from this cheap tablet, but the colors still look nice on its screen.

The battery inside this tablet is 3800mAh, but if that's not enough for you, you can upgrade to a much larger Advan Vanbook W90 that comes with a larger 6000mAh (as well as Advan W100). So it will probably last much longer in battery life.

Battery Life

Anyway, the battery inside this Advan W80 is non-removable. So in the future, if you would like to switch to the new battery, we strongly recommend you to use some technician service who's already familiar with this kind of stuff.

According to most reviews, the battery of this tablet is pretty good, especially if you're using it mostly for basic stuff like streaming music, editing documents, watching movies and other more, not for gaming. They mostly can get almost a day out of its 3800mAh battery, which is pretty good.

But most users warn that, when you're charging this tablet, you need to turn the tablet OFF completely because if you're charging the device while using it, it will only kill the life of its battery sooner. And you don’t want this to happen because the battery is non-removable. So you might want to preserve its endurance as long as possible (at least 1 to 2 years).

Windows 8.1 OS and Gaming Performance

Anyway, the other thing that we really love from this device is definitely its operating system. Yes - it's running on Windows 8.1 OS, which is the newer Windows version that already supports touchscreen. So you can interact with the interface or UI using your fingers.

The coolest thing is, you can install all Windows full-fledged legacy software that you're currently using on your current Windows 7/XP/Vista laptop, from Photoshop, Corel Draw and many more. You can also play some normal PC games on this machine, but of course, the ones that this machine could handle.

From what we've gathered around the net, this Advan Vanbook W80 is capable to play PC games like PES 2017, GTA San Andreas/Vice City, GTA IV and we even heard that some user managed to play Bioshock Infinite on this machine. INSANE, right?

But you can also play PSP games using PPSSPP emulator on this tablet.

And according to most users, most of PSP games run amazingly smooth on this machine. It’s probably because it’s powered by Intel Bay Trail processor, which offers laptop performance, unlike mobile processors such as Snapdragon 800 and Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor that are intended for mobile devices.

There are tons of great options here you can play, from Prince of Persia Rival Swords (PSP version of "Two Thrones"), Prince of Persia Revelations (the "Warrior Within" version on PSP), PES 2014 and many more. You can find the list of PSP games on Wikipedia.

Watching movies is also really fun to do here on this tablet. The screen looks pretty sharp and the colors are also pretty nice to look at. So you can definitely count on this device to watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

The Cons

Despite having many great things to offer, there are also some things that are kind of disappointing from this device. First of all, it is its RAM capacity.

So Advan Vanbook W80 only comes with 1GB of RAM. And you CANNOT upgrade it - EVER.

Okay, most of software and games may work great and fluid on this machine (It scored greatly on many benchmarks). But when you deploy something like Bluestack (Android emulator that requires at least 2GB of RAM), it will run really slow. The other Android emulator that works with 1GB RAM laptop also runs pretty sluggish on this machine.

So you'll probably have a hard time using Android apps like WhatsApp, LINE and other Android apps because they will run slow on this tablet. But if you are okay with its sluggish performance when running Android apps, then go ahead! Go buy this tablet! It's still a pretty darn good Windows 8.1 tablet.

The second drawback of this Advan tablet is definitely its low capacity of internal storage.

So on Advan Vanbook W80, you will only be provided with 16GB of internal storage. But you cannot use all of the entire 16GB capacity. The Windows 8.1 OS will take up around 5GB, while the other 5GB will be used for the recovery system in case you want to reset the OS.

So in total, you will be given around 4.5GB of storage on drive C. So you can only install 1 or 2 PC software like Microsoft Office on internal storage.

But thankfully, you can add the capacity with microSD card for up to 32GB (we even heard some user managed to use 64GB microSD card on this tablet).

So you can still move the folder of each software to your SD card (in ‘Program Files’ folder). But firstly, you need to format your SD card to NTSF (not FAT32) so your tablet can read it and use it as the external drive.

The third disappointment of this tablet is its incapability to move Windows Store app to SD card.

So if you're downloading apps or games straight from Windows Store, they can only be installed on drive 'C'. And you CANNOT install them to SD card. So basically, on its remaining 4.5 free space on internal storage, you can only download around 1 or 3 apps on drive 'C'.

Of course, there is one solution that can help solve this problem And that is by upgrading your Advan W80 to Windows 10. There’s no other way.

But first, you may want to backup the current Windows 8.1 OS on this machine by using a software called “Clonezilla” (which you can find on the net and see how to use it on YouTube).

Unfortunately, when you finally manage to upgrade this tablet to Windows 10, the cameras cannot work properly anymore on this tablet. So bummer!

So we suggest you to stick with Windows 8.1 on this machine for now and only install portable apps like Firefox, Microsoft Office 2013 portable and Opera portable so you can still install some important Windows Store apps or games.

Another thing that is pretty disappointing about Advan W80 is the fact that its battery is non-removable. So if you want to switch to the new battery in the future, it’s gonna require you to disassembly the machine and its battery. But we strongly suggest you to NOT do that and use technician service unless you want to ruin this tablet for good.


Overall, we believe Advan Vanbook W80 is one amazing Windows 8.1 tablet on low-budget category. It may be cheap in price (under $80), but it still gets the job done especially for basic things like editing documents on Microsoft Office, using Windows software, watching movies, browsing the web, listening to music and even playing PC games.

So if you’re tight on budget right now, but you’re looking for a pretty good Windows 8.1 tablet that can be a great companion at the office or school, we totally recommend Advan Vanbook W80 for you. But make sure to buy this tablet from reputable online shops that have great reviews.
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