Win an iPhone 11 Pro by doing this simple thing!

Posted by B. Johnson
Win an Apple iPhone 11 Pro by doing this simple thing!
Apple’s latest-gen smartphone - iPhone 11 Pro – is surely a marvelous device. It’s really superior in features, it looks super cool with all-screen design and on top of that, it’s really powerful when it comes to performance.

Well, what's not to like from this iPhone. It has a 5.8 inch screen with 1125 x 2436 pixels resolution, A13 Bionic chipset, 4gigs of RAM and on top of that, it currently has the BEST camera to date.

However, there’s one thing that probably scares people away from getting this phone. And that is its expensive price. This iPhone 11 Pro is gonna cost you $999 if you want to bring this bad boy home.

But don’t you worry my friends, we have great news for you here. If you really want to own this Apple's latest superphone but you just couldn’t afford it, be sure to check out this interesting giveaway contest.

Win an iPhone 11 Pro by doing this simple thing!

Win an iPhone 11 Pro by doing this simple thing!

Win an iPhone 11 Pro by doing this simple thing!

So recently, a week ago to be exact, a YouTuber named Richy Rich through his YouTube channel was holding a free giveaway contest where you’ll be able to win an Apple iPhone 11 Pro for completely free.

Yes, that’s right.

How to win this iPhone 11 Pro?

Well, if you want to enter the contest, all you have to do is head over to this Youtube video: Richy Rich and then leave comment there, like the video and last but not least, subscribe to his channel.

Isn’t that simple, huh?

One Apple iPhone 11 Pro units will be thrown in this contest. And if you’re really lucky this time, you might win this super phone.

But you better do it fast as this giveaway contest will be closed by next week on Monday. So you’ve got like 4 days from now. And when the time comes and the winners are finally selected, 4 lucky people will each win an Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

However, it’s worth mentioning that @RichyRich currently has around 1.7k subscribers on YouTube, so your chance to win this Apple iPhone 11 Pro is really big.

Good luck!

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