Miley Cyrus caught red-handed holding this THING while walking on the street

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Psst! Miley Cyrus is holding this THING while walking in front of people
Everyone knows Miley Cyrus. She is one of the most popular singers all over the world with many of her hits ranked on the top of the US' Billboard. From the songs like "See You Again", "7 Things", "The Climb", and of course our favorite, "Party in the U.S.A.".

Anyway, talking about Miley Cyrus, there’s one interesting fact about her. So she apparently owns a tablet (well, who doesn’t?).

But the question is, what is Miley Cyrus’ favorite when it comes to tablet? Well, guess no more guys. We here already found out what is the tablet brand Miley Cyrus is using in her busy days as celebrity.

Yes, you got that one right! Of course, it is the iPad.

According to, Miley Cyrus was ‘caught’ red-handed holding this Apple slab in front of public and of course, paparazzi. People there were busy taking photos of her while she was just getting out from her car to visit her favorite salon.

Miley Cyrus is holding this THING while going to the salon

Miley Cyrus is holding this THING while going to the salon

Unfortunately, eventhough Miley let people see her iPad, she wouldn't allow people to see her new hairdo after she spent almost around 9 hours at the salon. So bummer.

Miley Cyrus is holding this THING while going to the salon

So there you go guys! Now you know that Miley Cyrus apparently is an iPad fan. But we are not quite surprised about this news given that many American celebrities out there mostly own an iPad, instead of Android or Windows slates.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Apple iPad has proved to be a quite reliable device to do a lot of things, even productivity tasks.

Of course, it’s nothing like Windows tablets that are more versatile to do some heavy computing tasks. But the iPad still gets the job done when it comes to enjoying media entertainment contents like movies, books, music, photos and course, games.

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