Parenting With TheOneSpy Mobile Monitoring App in the Digital Age

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Parenting With TheOneSpy Mobile Monitoring App in the Digital Age
Parenting has never been effortless but the widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet access has added fuel to the fire.

In this digital age, parents are not only responsible to safeguard their kids from the threats in the real world but they are also obligated to protect them from the vulnerabilities in the online world. Fortunately, there are myriad monitoring applications that enable parents to closely watch out the mobile phone activities of their significant ones. These applications allow parents to supervise the digital behavior of their children tracking their mobile phones.

How Does Mobile Phone Monitoring App Work?

Once the monitoring app is installed on the target phone, it accesses the information saved on the mobile phone such as messages, contacts, photos and internet browsing history. The information is then uploaded to the online account of the mobile monitoring app. Parents can log into that account anytime and from anywhere and can remotely monitor the target phone data.

Parenting With TheOneSpy Mobile Monitoring Appin the Digital Age

What Is TOS Mobile Monitoring App About?

TheOneSpy aka TOS is a cross-platform tracking app which is designed to supervise the mobile phone use of children. It is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones. The spy app allows parents to remotely monitor and control the mobile phones of their children to safeguard them from the threats in the digital world. As compared to the monitoring and parental control apps rightly available, TOS is a secure and feature-rich app. Given are the functionalities that the mobile phone tracking app performs to monitor the target device.

Spy on Messages

Do you know what type of messages your kids are exchanging? Your boy might be receiving threatening messages from a cyber-bully or your teen daughter might be involved in sexting. It is crucial to monitor the messages of your children to be aware of their happenings. The spy app lets you remotely monitor the messages received and sent by your children. It includes text messages, iMessage, multimedia messages, voice messages and instant messages. You can read all your children’s messages without accessing their phones. Also, you can see the message time and the contact detail of the message sender and receiver.

Spy on Call

The secretive phone calls of your children may cause horrible consequences if remained unnoticed. The mobile phone spy app lets you track the phone calls of your children. It automatically records all the incoming and outgoing phone calls on the target device and uploads the recorded calls on TOS online account. The app also lets you block incoming calls from unknown or unwanted sources. Meanwhile, you can see who is making calls to your kids and receiving calls from your kids and at what time.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Our teens spend more than eight hours of the day sticking to social networking sites. Monitoring the social media activities of their kids enables parents to protect their children from the social media dangers such as cyber-bullying, online child predation, sexting, pornography, scamming, catfishing and online sex crimes.

TOS mobile monitoring app allows spying on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Vine, Viber, Hike, IMO, Yahoo messenger and many other social networking and instant messaging apps. Parents can monitor the text, photos, videos and audios received and sent by these media apps. It helps them know if their kids are being groomed by the predators or being victimized by the online scoundrels.

Monitor Internet Access

Monitoring the internet access of children prevent them from exposing to adult-oriented and explicit content. The tracking app accesses the internet browsing history of the monitored phone and shows the time and frequency of visiting each web page.

Track GPS Location

The GPS location tracking allows parents to know the whereabouts of kids. The mobile phone tracking app does not just show the current location of the target device but also provides location history. Meanwhile, the app lets you draw virtual boundaries around your children to prevent them from entering unsafe locations. You can mark multiple locations as safe and unsafe. The app will notify you every time your kid enters or leaves the marked area.

Monitor Surroundings

The surround monitoring allows parents to closely watch out the real-life activities of their children. They can see where their kids are, what are they doing and what are they talking about. The spy app allows the end-user to remotely turn on the camera and microphone of the target phone to capture surrounding scenes and sounds. By turning on the front and back camera of the monitored phone, parents can capture photos or record short videos. The microphone records the conversations and sounds in the vicinity of the target phone.

Screen Recording

Whatever appears on the mobile phone screen of your children can be recorded with the spy app. You can record the phone screen in real-time or schedule screen recording for the upcoming time period.

Track Emails and Keylogs

You can remotely monitor the emails received and transmitted by your children. You can read the email content and can see the email address of the communicating parties. Also, the app records the keys struck to the on-screen keyboard of the target mobile phone including the password keystrokes, username, email and messenger keystrokes. These keyloggers can be used to log into the online accounts of children to watch out for the clues of wrongdoing.

View Photos and Videos

Do you know what type of photos and videos your teen has saved on his phone? The spy app lets you see the photos and videos stored on the target phone whether captured from the phone camera or received from other sources.

The Bottom Line

Mobile phone monitoring application enables parents to closely watch out the digital behavior of their children. It lets them provide support against the online and offline threats such as e-bullying, child molestation, sexting, scamming and hacking. As well as monitoring, help your kids learn the responsible and secure use of mobile phone and other digital technologies.
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