Win a free Nintendo Switch by doing this thing!

Posted by B. Johnson
Win a free Nintendo Switch by joining Pokken Tournament DX at EVO 2017
If you've been wanting to buy Nintendo Switch but you just can't afford it, you might want to check out this interesting offer. So during the promotion of Nintendo Switch version of a game called "Pokkén Tournament DX", Nintendo is planning to recruit players for this game at EVO 2017. The coolest thing is, by joining Nintendo's team, you will get a chance to win a free Nintendo Switch.

This tournament actually already begun yesterday on July 14 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. So if you happen to be in Vegas right now and you also want to win a free Nintendo Switch, you can go straight to Nintendo's booth at EVO  Championship Tournament 2017 and sign up your name there for Pokkén Tournament DX.

Win a free Nintendo Switch by joining Pokken Tournament DX at EVO 2017
Speaking about Pokkén Tournament DX, this is actually a fighting video game and it's developed by Bandai Namco Studios. Interestingly, this game combines the characters from Pokemon franchise and the gameplay elements of Tekken series.

Pokkén Tournament was first released on Nintendo Wii U in 2015 but this game is about to arrive on Nintendo Switch real time soon, goes by the name 'Pokkén Tournament DX'.

In gathering new players and also interest for this game, which will come out later this September, Nintendo is seducing people at EVO 2017 in Vegas with a free Nintendo Switch if they want to join the team and become the new players for its game - Pokkén Tournament DX.

Win a free Nintendo Switch by joining Pokken Tournament DX at EVO 2017
By singing up for this team, you will receive many goodies from Nintendo, from "exclusive tips and tricks directly from the company" and the game's development team. Not to mention, you will also gain an exclusive access (as well as invitations) to attend a special Nintendo event at PAX West in Seattle.

Isn't that awesome, huh?

Everyone who participates and has registered at Nintendo's booth at EVO 2017 will  automatically be entered to this content and given a chance to win a Nintendo Switch.

Well, what are you waiting for? If if you really want Nintendo Switch so bad and you also happen to be in Vegas right now, this is definitely something you don't wanna miss.

Pokkén Tournament DX is slated to launch on Nintendo Switch this September, which is 2 months away from now. From what we gather on Wikipedia, this game seems like a fun game to play, especially when we can see those cute Pokemon characters fighting against each other in the ring. It's gonna be really awesome for sure!.
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