Amazing! With only $219.99, you can grab this cheap Windows 10 laptop that has a full HD display, AMD Radeon R2 and 4GB RAM (HP AMD E2-7110)

Posted by B. Johnson
HP AMD E2-7110 cheap Windows 10 laptop
Finding a Windows 10 laptop that is affordable on the market right now is actually not as hard as it used to be. Earlier, we just showed you one cheap Windows 10 laptop from ASUS - ASUS Transformer Book T100AF, which only costs $229. Today, we found another one. It's from HP, however. Introducing to you - HP AMD E2-7110.

HP AMD E2-7110 notebook can be yours today for only $219.99 on Amazon and this is really cheap compared to ASUS' laptop we showed you previously. However, despite being a cheaper laptop, we believe HP AMD E2-7110 is so much even better option here.

HP AMD E2-7110 cheap Windows 10 laptop
First of all, it comes with a huge 14-inch IPS display sporting the full HD 1920x1080 pixels resolution. This is amazing considering its cheap price point. So it definitely looks sharp and can be really ideal for enjoying HD contents like movies or games.

When it comes to performance, HP AMD E2-7110 laptop also looks impressive. It counts on a quad-core AMD E2-7110 CPU clocked at 1.8 GHz

Meanwhile, on the sector of memory, there is a huge 4GB of RAM equipped on this machine, accompanied with AMD Radeon R2 graphics card in graphics department.

HP AMD E2-7110 is running on Windows 10 Home operating system so it basically can run any legacy Windows software without any problem, even PC games.

There is a drawback though as it comes with low capacity 32GB eMMC storage on board

And it's worth noting that its Windows 10 OS will consume around 4GB - 5GB from the storage. So this leaves you with only around 27GB of free storage. The good thing is, it's expandable through microSD card (so yay!).

According to HP, this laptop is capable to survive around 5 hours and 15 minutes. This may not be that mind blowing especially for heavy users. But it's actually pretty good enough considering that it's running on Windows 10 OS, which is a pretty heavy-weight OS compared to say, Android or Chrome OS.

How does it perform for playing PC games?

HP AMD E2-7110 laptop is equipped with a quad-core AMD E2-7110 processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and AMD Radeon R2 graphics card. This may not seem so appealing for heavy gamers out there, but with this type of specs, this laptop is actually pretty adequate to run some PC games.

However, we totally don't recommend this laptop to you if you're looking for a gaming laptop because this one might leave you disappointed. 

But if you want to buy a cheap Windows 10 laptop to accommodate your simple productive tasks everyday like typing or editing spreadsheets, then HP AMD E2-7110 laptop is definitely a great option for you.

Should I buy it?

Before making the decision to buy, we suggest you to consider its low amount of storage. It's only got 32GB eMMC storage, although it's still expandable through microSD card slot. 

So if you're planning to store all of your media contents like movies, music or photos, this is probably not an ideal laptop for you.

On the other hand, if you're okay with its only 32GB eMMC and you can live with this low capacity storage (plus microSD card slot), then HP AMD E2-7110 laptop can still be a good purchase for you.

It's cheap but it's pretty powerful in specs.
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