Toshiba Excite Tablets with Tegra 4 Processor: Quick Review Roundup

Posted by B. Johnson
Toshiba Excite Tablets with Tegra 4 Processor: Quick Review RoundupHI guys, welcome back to this site!

Despite a cold reception around the tech industry, especially by tablet manufacturers – especially due to its overheating issue -, NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor actually can still be seen on a few of great tablets on the market.

There are still many companies that still trust NVIDIA to supply its beast but “hot” processor (literally) inside their tablets – from Kobo with its Kobo Arc 10HD, Asus Transformer Pad TF701T, HP Slate 7 Extreme/HP Slate 8 Pro and even Microsoft Surface RT 2.

However, besides those big tech manufacturers, there is actually one other company that used to have the same interest to put this powerful Tegra 4 processor inside its tablets.

And that company is Toshiba, which interestingly has some pretty solid quality tablets under the flag Toshiba Excite series.

Two of the tablets from Toshiba that ship with Tegra 4 processor are Toshiba Excite Write and Toshiba Excite Pro, which i’m about to share to you in this quick roundup.

Well, if you’re interested to learn more about these 2 tablets, as well as their gaming performance and their other goodies, then here you go, my quick roundup of Toshiba Excite tablets with Tegra 4 processor.

Toshiba Excite Write

Toshiba Excite Write is one of many tablets out there that is powered by a quad-core Tegra 4 processor.

As its model name suggests, Toshiba Excite Write indeed is a tablet that has something to do with stylus.

And that’s because this tablet is also equipped with the stylus from Toshiba.

So if you’re on the street looking for a note-taking device with large 10.1-inch display and powerful gaming performance, this tablet might be the one you’re looking for.

However, based on what i’ve seen on some video reviews on YouTube, the “stylus” of Toshiba Excite Write unfortunately doesn’t have great touch response, especially compared to other note-taking counterparts like Samsung GALAXY Note or HP Slate 7 Extreme/NVIDIA Tegra Note.

So if you use its stylus for – let’s say, drawing pictures, you will always need to set the thickness of this stylus manually through the setting.

So it doesn’t have that real-time stylus touch controls just like Samsung’s Note or HP Slate 7 Extreme.

This really contradicts with the stylus of Samsung GALAXY Note or HP Slate 7 Extreme, which its thickness can be controlled easily by using our pressure of the stylus to the screen, similar just writing with pencil or pen.

But apart from that, there are still many great things to appreciate from this tablet, from:
  • a 10.1-inch screen that sports 2560x1600 pixel resolution,
  • a quad-core Tegra 4 processor,
  • a 2GB of RAM,
  • 72-core of GeForce ULP GPU,
  • an 8MP rear-facing camera with LED flash,
  • a 1.2MP front-facing camera,
  • a microSD card slot for up to 32GB,
  • a 32GB of internal storage,
  • an Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean,
  • a 33Wh Li-Po battery and a promised 11 hours of talk time/multimedia mode.
Overall – especially in terms of specs -, it’s really obvious that Toshiba Excite Write is really prepared on that sector perfectly. It goes the same with its gaming performance.

In fact, i think i don’t need to talk a lot about its gaming performance because we already know it that this device is going to be a beast for gaming.

Toshiba Excite WriteMany latest graphically demanding games like Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8: Airborne or GTA San Andreas will surely run smoothly even in full highest graphics.

However, as mentioned above, Tegra 4 processor – in fact, many Tegra 4 tablets – is plagued with this overheating issue, on the rear-cover especially.

So if you decide to buy this tablet, you must also accept the fact that this device is going to overheat easily especially when doing some heavy intense tasks, like gaming for example.

So if you don’t mind having this issue on this tablet, then you’ll make no mistake when getting this tablet.

It's still a decent quality device. It also has a gorgeous looking display, as seen in the reviews on YouTube.

Toshiba Excite Pro

Toshiba Excite ProAnother Tegra 4 tablet is coming from Toshiba Excite camp. And this tablet is Toshiba Excite Pro.

And as a Tegra 4 tablet, then its gaming performance of course really screams, with many latest games like Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8: Airborne and even GTA San Andreas running smoothly in full highest graphics.

Unlike Toshiba Excite Write i’ve shown you above, however, this Toshiba Excite Pro doesn’t have the stylus.

On paper, Toshiba Excite Pro is also really impressive just like its sibling - Toshiba Excite Write.
  • It has the same 10.1-inch display sporting the same 2560x1600 pixel resolution,
  • the same Tegra 4 quad-core processor,
  • the same 2GB of RAM,
  • microSD card slot for up to 32GB,
  • 32GB of internal storage,
  • 8MP camera on the back with LED flash,
  • 1.2MP camera on the front to do selfies
  • and even the same 33WH non-removable battery, promising for up to 11 hours of talk time/multimedia.
So basically, Toshiba Excite Pro is pretty much the same with Toshiba Excite Write – of course on paper.


Well, that’s all for now about my quick roundup of these 2 Toshiba Excite tablets - Toshiba Excite Write and Toshiba Excite Pro.

I might update this blog post in the near future especially if Toshiba releases the new-gen models that also ship with Tegra 4 processor.

So if you want to keep updated about those new tablets from this manufacturer, you might want to bookmark this page for further updates.

Disclaimer: Hi guys, bear in mind that this is not some in-depth review. This is Read more...
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