Samsung GALAXY Tab I Series: Quick Review Roundup

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Samsung GALAXY Tab I Series: Quick Review RoundupHi guys, welcome back to this site!

Around the tablet market, we all already know that Samsung is the only one manufacturer that can really compete head-to-head neck-to-neck with iPads through its Samsung GALAXY tablet series, especially in terms of sales and popularity.

And that’s not shocking given that Samsung has a wide range of GALAXY devices, carrying varied different class of specs, from high-end to even low-end models.

This strategy proved has been working perfectly well for this company as Samsung has been a major player in global tablet market alongside Apple with its iPads.

However, the journey of Samsung to reach this huge popularity didn’t happen over night though.

Samsung has been through a lot of process of developments and redesigning of its GALAXY tablets until it finally became best selling tablets around the globe.

And thanks to Samsung’s never-end developments of its technology, this Korean-based company now has made a lot of ground-breaking innovations especially around this tablet industry – like its Super AMOLED screen, its camera department, its Exynos processor lineup, its battery-saving energy and technology, its TouchWiz software, its S-Pen and many other things.

One of the first tablets that Samsung released to the market was Samsung GALAXY Tab series.

However, when it first came out, this first-gen tablet series didn’t manage to compete with the first-gen iPad, especially when it comes to sales and performance.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7Most people said that this tablet was really laggy in performance and its design looked really ugly.

Long story short, there was no way this tablet series could match what Apple had in store through its iPad, which has a premium looking design and solid build quality, fast performance, easy-to-use UI, smooth experience, complete catalog of apps and games on App Store, high resale value and many other things that make iPad far more superior even than all Android tablets out there on the market back then.

But even so, i think there are many things that should be appreciated from the first-gen Samsung GALAXY Tab series, despite not being as great as iPad.

That’s why today, i want to give you my next quick roundup of all Samsung’s tablets under the Samsung GALAXY Tab series, the first-gen models.

Well, if you’re interested to learn more about these first-gen Samsung GALAXY Tab models, including my take on their gaming performance, then here you go, my quick round up of these Samsung tablets.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE I815/ Samsung P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G

The smaller model of this tablet series is Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, a 7.7-inch tablet (duh!), sporting the 720p resolution, which was already considered as great in 2012’s tablet market.

However, despite not being as popular as iPad, i think there are some great things to write home about from this device, especially in terms of hardware and its gaming performance, not to mention its complete package of features.

As far as the performance goes, this tablet is actually not too shabby at all.

It’s powered by a dual-core Exynos 4210 processor clocked at 1.4GHz per core, coupled with 1GB of RAM and Mali-400 GPU, which is still a pretty great GPU by the way and even can still handle some latest games like Asphalt 8: Airborne or Modern Combat 4.

So basically, with this type of specs, this tablet is more than capable to perform smoothly especially when executing some basic daily tasks.

Anyway, this tablet was released around the third quarter of 2012, so i think its overall specs are still on par with most of low-end tablets across the market today.

Besides it good performance, this tablet also has some other great things to offer to users, like:
  • its 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen rocking the 1280x800 pixel resolution,
  • 3.15MP rear-camera with LED flash,
  • 2MP front-camera,
  • microSD card slot for up to 32GB,
  • 16/32GB of internal storage,
  • TouchWiz UI layering its Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS
  • and a non-removable Li-Ion 5100mAh power battery, promising for up to 392 hours for stand-by and up to 13 hours for talk time.

Not to mention, Samsung also provides 4G LTE connectivity on this device, allowing user for fast downloading and uploading speed.

Pretty much about this tablet is actually not that bad at all. In fact, for 2012’s tablet market, what Samsung has to offer through this Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 can be considered as great.

It has great display, great hardware specs, good gaming performance, great software and user experience.

Although it has a bulky and unappealing design, especially compared side-by-side with Apple’s iPad, i think this tablet is still a pretty decent quality tablet, of course back in the days in 2012, not on today’s tablet market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G P7320T

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9Besides the 7.7-inch model above, Samsung also releases the larger Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, which obviously comes with an 8.9-inch display on it.

But interestingly, unlike its 7.7-inch sibling, this larger model is equipped with NVIDIA’s mobile processor, Tegra 2, which is a dual-core CPU coupled with an 8-core GeForce ULP GPU.

This tablet used to be one of the best performers on tablet market in 2012, even as a gaming tablet.

In fact, Tegra 2 dual-core actually used to be the world’s first dual-core processor around tablet market back then.

So in terms of performance, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 basically is still considered as really fast and smooth, especially when executing some basic daily tasks.

Meanwhile, for playing games, this tablet is also pretty great, as it’s capable to handle older games like PES 2012, Samurai Showdown or Dungeon Defender.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 comes with:
  • an 8.9-inch PLS TFT display sporting the 800x1280 pixel resolution (as opposed to the Super AMOLED display on the 7.7-inch model),
  • a dual-core 1.5GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 T20 processor,
  • 1GB of RAM,
  • 8-core GeForce ULP GPU,
  • 3.15MP rear-camera,
  • 2MP front-camera,
  • 16/32GB internal storage (without microSD card support),
  • Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS with TouchWiz UX UI
  • and a non-removable 6100mAh battery, promising for up to 500 hours of stand-by and 7 hours of talk time (multimedia).
Not to mention, there is also the 4G LTE connectivity on this tablet, providing fast data speed.

Overall, i think Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is also pretty impressive just like the 7.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, especially back in the days of 2012.

This tablet was actually released in early 2012 – as opposed to the 7.7-inch model in Q3. So there are lacking on some sectors of this device, compared to the 7.7-inch model.

But still, as a 2012’s tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 can still be a pretty good media-consumption tablet.

However, if you’re planning to get this model near soon, i strongly recommend you to pick up the latest-gen or next-gen model of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, which has much better specs and performance than this older-gen variant.


Well, that’s all for now about these Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets.

I’m not sure if these 2 models are the only tablets that Samsung releases under this first-gen series.

So i’ll probably make some new updates on this page in the future once i’ve found out about other variants of this tablet series.

So you might want to bookmark this page in case you don’t want to miss any updates that i’m gonna in the future.

Meanwhile, if you feel this article is helpful and informative to you, don’t forget to share it guys. Your contribution here would be really appreciated.

Disclaimer: Hi guys, bear in mind that this is not some in-depth review. This is Read more...
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