ARCHOS Tablets: Quick Review Roundup

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 ARCHOS Tablets: Quick Review Roundup Hi guys, welcome back to this site!

Around the tablet market, the company named Archos can be considered as really active to deliver its devices to consumers.

This manufacturer used to have some tablets but most of them are not that popular compared to other tablets from Apple, Samsung or Sony.

I actually remembered seeing one of Archos tablets in the past on YouTube.

If i’m not mistaken, it was a 5 or 4.5-inch tablet, but it has a terrible battery life, although it performs well when running games like PES 2012 or Need for Speed SHIFT.

However, thanks to Archos’s serious development of its tablet series, this company impressively now has a several great quality tablets which i believe can also be great gaming tablets.

On this website, i’ve actually already made some reviews of Archos tablets since last year – from ARCHOS GamePad and its sequel ARCHOS GamePad 2, ARCHOS 101 XS, ARCHOS 101 XS 2 and last but not least, ARCHOS ChildPad, which is a low-grade tablet dedicated for kids.

And this is the reason why today, i’m really interested to bring them all up into one solid quick roundup in this blog post.

Okay then, without further long introduction, then here you go.


ARCHOS 101 XSAs the first gen tablet, there is not much to write home about on ARCHOS 101 XS except that it’s just a normal 10.1-inch Android tablet, just like any other Android tablets you’ve seen on the market right now.

It has 720p resolution on its 10.1-inch display, it has a dual-core TI OMAP 4470 processor, it has PowerVR SGX544 GPU, it has 1GB of RAM and pretty much about this tablet is just pretty standard.

However, there is one thing that probably makes this tablet stand out compared to other counterparts. And that is its gorgeous design.

Unlike other regular Android tablets out there, i think Archos has put a lot of thoughts when creating this device.

It’s shown clearly by its front design, which has 2 different color layers, with the darker gray and lighter gray bezels.

I actually kind of like the overall design of this tablet.

It looks really compact, simple but still elegant for probably most of users who buy this tablet.

As far as the performance goes, this tablet is probably not gonna be that different with Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9, which both are powered by the same TI OMAP 4470 dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, although this ARCHOS 101 XS has a more powerful PowerVR SGX544 GPU, providing more power in graphical department.

With this type of hardware specs, i’m not gonna be surprised to see this tablet excel in performance, even for gaming.

I can see this tablet perform well even when running graphics intense games like Asphalt 8 or Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Overall, i personally think that ARCHOS 101 XS is still a decent quality tablet.

It has great design, it has adequate hardware, it has pretty sharp 720p display, it has great GPU (which is the same one found on iPhone 5) and i believe it also has pretty good gaming performance.

However, there are still some downsides found on this device.

They are the lack of rear-facing camera and ambient sensor on the display, which is kind of bummer given that rear-facing camera has been really vital on most of tablets on the market today.

But the good news is, this ARCHOS 101 XS is still equipped with keyboard dock.

So if you’re looking for a productivity-centric tablet that has good gaming performance – if not the best -, i think this tablet can still be a good choice for you, or at least be included in your tablet hunting list for the near future.


If you’re not fully satisfied with what ARCHOS 101 XS has to offer, you might want to switch your target to this sequel.

This one is called ARCHOS 101 XS 2 – obviously – and it brings some new goodies that Archos didn’t include on the predecessor.

Now it has much bigger 2GB of RAM, more powerful processor, better Mali-400 GPU, a rear-facing camera and many other upgrades.

From all the upgrades that Archos makes on this device, i think the most impressive one would be its new GPU, which now has been taken care by a more powerful Mali-400 GPU.

I’m not saying that PowerVR SGX544 is a not good performing GPU.

PowerVR SGX544 still a good GPU (as seen on iPhone 5 which has great gaming performance). However, around the Android tablet market, i think Mali-400 GPU is more accepted by most game developers than PowerVR SGX544 GPU.

And it’s shown clearly by how games like Asphalt 8: Airborne and GTA San Andreas can perform well on any Mali-400 tablets out there, although GTA San Andreas cannot be played perfectly in full highest graphics.

So with that being said, then i believe ARCHOS 101 XS 2 now has a more reliable performance especially for playing games.

Besides, this tablet is now equipped with 2GB of RAM, providing more room for apps and tasks to run smoothly in the background.

So heavy games will have no issue with lags even when deployed with other apps at the same time.

The increase of RAM to 2GB will also give more benefits to the performance of this tablet when used as a productivity tablet.

And that’s actually the goal that Archos wants to achieve through this tablet.

Given that this device ships with keyboard dock, now you can comfortably use this tablet not only as a media-consumption device, but also as a great productivity tablet.

Overall, i’m quite impressed with everything that being offered on this device.

It has great set of hardware, it now has a 2MP rear-facing camera (although it doesn’t have flash and autofocus), it has much better gaming performance and pretty much everything about this tablet is simply better than predecessor.


ARCHOS ChildPadIt’s interesting to see that Archos still has interest in children tablet category. And it’s shown perfectly by ARCHOS ChildPad, a 7-inch tablet aimed at kids under age.

And this actually – if i’m not mistaken – is the only one tablet that Archos creates for kids. I know this company used to have some small 4 to 5-inch tablets.

But i don’t think those tablets are aimed for kids given that the software is stock Android UI, which is probably not ideal to use for kids.

On the hardware standpoint, there is not much to write home about on this tablet.

And i’m serious. When it comes to specs, ARCHOS ChildPad is just really a low-grade tablet shipping with lowest-grade hardware specs that you see today around the market.

First of all, its screen still uses the resistive touchscreen, which is less-responsive compared to other regular tablets out there that already jump to capacitive bandwagon.

ARCHOS ChildPad comes with a 7-inch display sporting a low-resolution 800x480 pixels, a single core ARM Cortex-A8 clocked at just 1GHz, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of storage (which can be expanded through the microSD card for up to 32GB).

Not to mention, there is also this cute bear toy that you or your kids can attach to this tablet if they want to play some music on this device.

There is also camera on the back, but it doesn’t have LED flash and autofocus.

But weirdly, there is no front-facing camera on this tablet. But then again, it’s not that weird given that this tablet is dedicated for kids who probably won’t do selfies or video calls, right?

As a normal tablet, it’s really obvious that ARCHOS ChildPad really sucks at best, especially on the hardware department.

Even as tablet for kids, i think Amazon Kindle Fire is a so much better choice than this mediocre ARCHOS ChildPad.

Archos GamePad

Archos GamePadBesides Archos 101 XS and Archos 101 XS 2, there is also one impressive tablet made by this company. And this one is called Archos GamePad.

The most prominent thing that you will see from this device is most definitely its unique design.

Unlike other regular 7-inch Android tablets out there, Archos GamePad interestingly is made by Archos similar just Sony PlayStation Vita, where there are the physical gaming controllers and joysticks on the left and right – plus the trigger buttons -, and the screen is also touch screen.

So to describe this tablet, it’s actually the blown up version of Sony PlayStation Vita, but on different platform (Android OS vs Sony's proprietary OS).

As a gaming tablet, Archos GamePad actually can be considered as a good performer here, especially in 2012 to early 2013.

It has a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, an impressive Mali-400 GPU and it also comes pre-installed with 3D OpenGL ES 2.0, providing more powerful graphical performance on this device, especially for playing games.

Not to mention, this tablet is also only sporting a low-resolution 1024x600 pixel display, making its performance run faster without squeezing too much juice from its battery.

Overall, i personally think that Archos GamePad is still a decent quality tablet, even as a gaming tablet.

It handles most of the games like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 4 (even Modern Combat 5, as seen on Huawei Honor 3C, which is also powered by Mali-400), NOVA 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted and even GTA San Andreas, although this GTA game won’t run smoothly in full highest graphics for sure.

So, if this tablet is already considered as a good performer for playing games, then i have no doubt this tablet will also be great as a media-consumption device.

Archos Gamepad 2

Archos Gamepad 2If the low-resolution 1024x600 pixel display on the Archos Gamepad really bothers you a lot, why don’t you switch your target to this sequel - Archos Gamepad 2.

As the name of this tablet applies – it is the successor of Archos Gamepad and obviously, it brings some bumped up specs here and there on the hardware.

It now has much higher 1280x800 pixel display, it has newer Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, it has more powerful quad-core Mali-400 MP4 GPU, it has much bigger 2GB of RAM, it has more premium design and pretty much everything about this sequel is just far better than the predecessor.

I’ve actually already seen a lot of video reviews of this tablet on YouTube, especially concerning its gaming performance.

It handles games like Modern Combat 4, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Need for Speed Most Wanted – all in buttery smooth performance and the most importantly, in full highest graphics.

I’m actually quite impressed with how it performs when playing Modern Combat 4 and Asphalt 8: Airborne where all the graphics and visual effects that Gameloft designs in these games – can all be executed perfectly in smooth performance.

I also believe this tablet will also be capable to handle one of the latest graphically demanding games – Modern Combat 5 – also in buttery smooth performance.

In fact, i’ve already seen that on other Mali-400 GPU devices.

Overall, i think Archos Gamepad 2 is just a perfect machine for playing games.

And again, i have no doubt at all if this tablet will also excel as a media-consumption device.


Well, okay then, that’s all for now about Archos tablets.

I know that Archos also has some other tablets available on the market right now.

So i probably will make some new updates on this page in the near future – of course, once i’ve finished writing the reviews of those tablets.

Disclaimer: Hi guys, bear in mind that this is not some in-depth review. This is Read more...
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