How to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

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How to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign?Hi guys, welcome back!

As many of you know, in the past few years, tablet has become insanely popular as an on-the-go device, especially for those gadget freaks out there.

Now almost everyone is using a tablet to do a lot of productive as well as consumptive things in their lives, like doing computing or editing tasks, reading books, watching their favorite TV shows or movies, browsing the web, listening to music, playing games or even drawing some professional paintings (with note-dedicated tablet of course).

So tablet can basically do everything – or at least most of the things - that your laptop or PC can do.

However, have you ever imagined that, instead of being a consumer of tablet, you can actually become the one who makes that tablet.

Okay, this idea may sound really crazy for all of you here – i know that.

It’s really obvious that developing a tablet is not an easy job to do - it's just impossible.

First of all, you must have the experience and the technical skills (and a lot) in creating/assembling or working in electronic device manufacturer.

And that is already one thing that probably will keep you away - or scare you away, if you would - from entering this tablet making industry.

Besides experience, there are many other things that you need to prepare before even manufacturing the tablet.

You must have huge financial support, a bunch of experienced engineers and developers, you must know your suppliers, the infrastructures to make the tablet, not to mention many other barriers in this industry that are just way too difficult to pass.

So long story short – creating a tablet seems like a really crazy idea and it’s just impossible mission to accomplish, especially if you’re just some regular tech geek who only reads tech sites everyday.

How to Share Your Ideas and Turn it into Reality with Kickstarter Project?

Thankfully, that crazy idea now has been tackled perfectly by the one called Kickstarter Project.

Well, if you haven’t known already - and from what i know -, Kickstarter Project is a crowdfunding community where group of developer "wannabes" can propose their fresh and unique, even crazy ideas – or in this case, electronic devices or to be more specific, a tablet –, get funded and finally turn those projects into reality.

Thanks to this Kickstarter Project, in the past few years, there have been a lot of independent projects born from this community.

One of many popular examples created by Kickstarter Project is OUYA, which is a tiny Android-based gaming console in the form of box that allows you to play games, watch movies, listen to music or even check out photos with your TV.

Even though this gaming console doesn't have such a huge success in gaming industry, but at least OUYA has passed the final production stage and it's actually now available to buy on the market for only $99.

Anyway, in this Kickstarter Project community, not only can they promote their “crazy” ideas to a bunch of exciting people out there, but they can also get a huge financial support from those people – of course the rich ones - who are really attracted, excited and see the huge potential of the projects to become successful on the market.

How Kickstarter Project Works?

From what i know, this is how Kickstarter Project works - of course, from what i know (but please correct me if i'm wrong here).

1) First, as the project maker - or in this case tablet maker -, you must firstly create the proposal of your own project with all the complete information related to your tablet:
  • from your own personal background, 
  • your experience or probably degree related to your project, 
  • your technical skills, 
  • the technical details about your project, 
  • the specs, 
  • the unique benefits of your proposed project (that cannot be found on other existing products around the market) 
  • and many other details concerning your project.

2) Not to mention – actually this is the most important thing -, before submitting your project, you must also set the financial goals or budget you wish to collect in order to get your project started - and it's got to be really huge because you're going to make a batch production of your project/product for the new consumers.

3) After finished creating this proposal, then you can promote or propose that idea to the Kickstarter Project in order to get a huge exposure from many people out there, thus gaining financial support for your project.

4) Last but not least, in order to hook people to donor money to your project, you must also "promise" to give away some interesting benefits or bonuses that will be rewarded to those who are willing to fund your project - of course after your project has finally been created.

So if your project is about making a tablet, then you can reward those financial donors with the chance to be the ones to receive the tablet for FREE, with some other bonuses depend on how much money they have spent to fund your project.

For example, for the first 100 people who spend $100 to your project, each of them will get one free tablet + accessories or bonuses.

Meanwhile, the other people who only donor $50 to your project, they will only receive one free tablet without any bonus.

Where to Start Your Kickstarter Project?

Talking about Kickstarter Project, a couple of days ago, while i was just visiting some of my favorite tech websites, i stumbled upon one interesting crowdfunding website from some random ads.

I don’t remember exactly where i saw the ads and found the website, but the thing that got me interested with this crowdfunding website was the fact that this website covered a lot of things related to Kickstarter Project.

If i’m not mistaken, that website is called "best crowdfunding websites".

Anyway, on this, you can literally find anything related to Kickstarter Project - from the latest news, information, articles about crowdfunding success and everything that has been happening in this industry in the past few years.

According to the information found on this website, this crowdfunding website is actually owned and operated by, some professional agency website that is focused to help people – or in this case, developers or project makers - who want to get a huge exposure for their projects.

One great thing about this website is that SMT Agency has years of experience in crowdfunding campaign strategy and management, public relations, professional writing, crowdfunding campaign promotion, crowdfunding advertising and social media marketing.

Not to mention, this agency also has helped a lot of people gain exposure for their crowdfunding campaigns.

So if you're looking for a perfect place to promote your crowdfunding campaign, then this website might be the answer.


Actually, there are some successful crowdfunding campaign helped by SMT Agency, which i found really interesting and worth sharing to all of you here.

For example, like the one called "iPal" – developed by a company named i2i, Inc. - which are smart glasses and an app that let you capture photos or videos in the blink of an eye - literally.

So by using the smart glasses and the app synchronized on your smartphone/tablet, you can actually take photos/videos with your smartphone/tablet and then share them to your social media accounts using only the blink or wink of your eyes, thanks to the eye tracking and eye gesture controls equipped on the smart glasses.

Interestingly, this crowdfunding project has managed to achieve a staggering US $100.014, which amazingly doubled the initial financial goal that was already set by the developer in the first place ($50.000).

For your information, iPal is actually an Indiegogo Project, not Kickstarter Project.

Soap, Fastest Touch Router and Tablet

Besides iPal, the other interesting crowdfunding project i stumbled upon on this website is called “Soap, Fastest Touch Router & Tablet”.

As the name of this project implies, this device is indeed a smart router in the form of tablet – a 7-inch tablet to be exact -, running on Android platform.
Soap, Fastest Touch Router & Tablet
Soap, Fastest Touch Router & Tablet
Not only does this device allow the owner to block the bad outside elements from hackers to malware, this smart router can also bring in the good time-saving elements of automation (whatever that means).

Similar just like the iPal, this smart router project also has managed to surpass the initial financial goal of the developer (US $142.112 from the initial $80.000).


So by looking at these 2 crowdfunding projects, then it's really clear for us to see how crowdfunding community can be really helpful to help many developer "wannabes" out there turn their dream projects into reality.

I think, this can go the same with making a tablet.

I mean, if you have years of experience in creating/assembling or working in tablet manufacturing plant or factory, and you also have some unique ideas of creating something new and fresh to this industry, then it would be awesome if you could turn your ideas into tangible results using this Kickstarter Project.

And if you manage to convince many people in that Kickstarter Project community to fund your project, then you’re just one step closer to making your dream come true - which is creating your own homemade tablet.

But of course, if making a tablet sounds really crazy and way too hard for you, you can still aim lower by becoming an app developer and make your own apps that will work on tablets or smartphones.

  • "iPal"
  • "Soap, Fastest Touch Router & Tablet"
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