Why You Should Have More New Contents This Holiday Season?

Posted by B. Johnson
Why You Should Have More New Contents This Holiday Season?Hi guys, if you happen to already have a tablet at your disposal, then it’s about time to cram new contents to your tablet because the holiday season is coming even closer to you.


Yeah, it’s gonna be so exciting (and awesome, and incredible, and full of joy) and probably the best holiday of your entire life because now you have a tablet that can give you the best entertainment during these days off from your boring daily job.

In the spirit to welcome this exciting awesome holiday, there are many things that your tablet can offer to you, especially if you’re gonna celebrate this holiday season alone in your house or apartment without your family or friends around you (because maybe they are at far distance across other countries or they’re visiting their other friends).

Okay then, here in the list below, i’ll show you why you need to grab new contents like movies, books, apps, music, games or even magazines to your tablet in order to accompany you and ensure that this holiday is gonna be the best holiday you’ve ever had.

To Entertain You When You’ve Got Nothing to Do

Used to be, if we didn’t want to miss any single episode of our favorite TV shows, we must subscribe to TV cable every month in order to watch them.

And if you have big budget that you can spend every month for that TV cable subscription, then it’s good for you.

Unfortunately, not many of us had access to TV cable given that TV cable used to be such a privilege thing in the past.

Besides, it’s pretty expensive to have this kind of service to our home that day.

Thankfully, tablet has come to the rescue.

Since its first debut a few years ago, tablets brought a massive change to people’s culture in the entire world.

For many of you who love watching movies or TV series, now you don’t have to worry anything about to any TV cable subscription because tablet can be a perfect companion for you this entire holiday.

Now with your tablet, you can gain access to plethora collection of movies and TV shows all around the world at your finger tips.

All you need to have are your tablet, Hulu and Netflix apps, plus your credit card. That’s it.

And then, through these 2 apps, you can buy any kind movies or TV series that you have or haven’t watched already.

Besides movies and TV shows, you can also find many other contents for your tablet.

If you love gaming on tablet, then you can just visit any app store according to your tablet.

If you use Amazon’s tablet, Kindle Fire, you can find games and apps through Amazon App Store.

And if you own Apple’s iPad, you can just head over to App Store and gain access to gazillion of apps and games there.

Meanwhile, if you happen to have some other Android tablets, like Google Nexus 7 or Samsung tablets, your destination is Google Play Store as this app store has any kind of apps for your tablet.

And not only movies, TV series or apps, there is a wide range of other contents, like books, magazines, music or even newspapers that you can always buy and download to your tablet before enjoying them all.

With all of these new contents on your tablet, you don’t have to worry anymore about getting a depressed holiday as these goodies will always keep yourself entertained while enjoying your holiday alone in your house or apartment.

To Keep Your Mind Fresh With New Information Updates

Usually, around the end of December, when you’re not working anymore at the office and got stuck in your home or apartment for the entire holiday, you don’t have anything to do except eating and watching holiday movies, right?.

Well, that can be fun, i know that. However, instead of being unproductive all day in holiday, why don't you use your tablet to keep your mind updated during the holiday?

You can read news about politic, finance, tech world, phenomenon around the globe or even some show biz through your tablet, either via news feed, websites or even social media like Twitter or Facebook.

This will ensure that your mind stays fresh and up-to-date with new information during this holiday.

To Kill Your Boredom

Holiday is definitely not the time for getting depressed and bored.

This condition must be avoided if you want to make sure that this is the best holiday you’ve ever had. Tablet can help you with that.

Whenever you feel bored with your loneliness in this holiday, you can start playing any of your favorite games or apps on your tablet.

However, if you’ve already finished all the games on your tablet and don’t feel like wanting to play them again, you can always buy some new games or apps through the app store.

This holiday, there are many games that you may want to check out. From “Thor: The Dark World”, “GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience”, “Dead Trigger 2”, “Minion Rush” and many more.

Pick one or two of apps that you would like to play and then download them to your tablet.

To Keep Your Excitements Steady in The Entire Holiday

Every year, it’s a must for you to always feel excited every time the holiday season arrives.

You cannot just let your mind feel depressed all the time, especially with all of your problems from your work.

Every holiday season must be celebrated with happiness and full of excitements because this only happens once a year.

And when the holiday is over, you will meet again with your usual boring day job. That kind of sucks, right?

Therefore, in order to keep the level excitement of yourself steady all the time, you can always count on your tablet.

With your tablet, you can watch new movies or TV shows that you might have missed before, or you can buy some new books or magazines in order to keep your mind busy this holiday.

You can also listen to new music, browse internet, read updates from your social media accounts or play some new games through your tablet.

To Learn New Things When You’re not Busy Working

Besides as media-consumption device, you can also use your tablet as a platform to learn new things or sharpen your skills.

Take chess as an example.

Maybe you’re not really great at playing chess in the past. And you always got humiliated by your friend when playing this game, right?.

Well, if you don’t want that to happen again in the future, then you can always sharpen your skill of playing chess with your tablet.

There are many chess games that you can find across the app store.

However, find the one that is really popular based on user reviews and amount of downloads.

If i’m not wrong, there is a good chess game called “Chessmaster”.

This one is made by Gameloft (which has many popular games across Apple App Store and Google Play).

After downloading the game to your tablet, then you can start playing the game (duh!!).

There are many settings that you can find in this game, like: opponent (human vs human, human vs CPU, etc), opponent’s skill (rookie, amateur, professional, master, etc) and many more.


So there you go, some of the reasons why you need to cram new contents to your tablet before this holiday season begins.

For some of you, maybe it’s not really necessary to get new contents like books, movies, TV shows, games or anything for your tablet, especially since your family or friends will come visiting you (or the other way around) and there is no time for playing tablet when your fellas come around.

However, there are many people out there that are maybe living very far away from their families, and their friends already have their own families, right?

So, for many of you lonely people out there, there is no reason to feel depressed this holiday season because your tablet is definitely gonna be a perfect device that can always accompany you, entertain you, keep you updated with new information and ensure you that your holiday won't suck this time.
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