6 Premium-designed Tablets that You Might Want to Check Out this Holiday

Posted by B. Johnson
6 Premium-designed Tablets that You Might Want to Check Out this HolidayHi readers, welcome back. It’s me again, Bryan.

It’s amazing to see how holiday is approaching so fast in upcoming month.

Unconsciously, in a week away or so, it’s already December. So it’s just a matter of time before the best days of this year, Christmas days, finally arrive.

To tell you the truth - I’m really excited to welcome this holiday.

I don’t know about you guys here, but December has always been the best month of the year.

I know - it’s quite cliche, especially since next month will be full with days off from your routine job, right?

But for me, I just feel that everytime December is just about to come, not starts yet, my mind feels really excited and I just want to work extremely hard, even harder than the previous months, so I can sit relax in December and enjoy many great things in this holiday, like great food, great snacks, great movies, tv series, great weather and many more.

Anyway guys, since next month is the holiday season, then I believe some or many of you here already prepare many things in order to welcome this exciting month, right?.

Maybe, some of you are planning to cook special food in this holiday that you’ve never made before.

Or maybe, you are getting some new books, movies, music or even games that you’re really excited to enjoy this entire holiday.

Well, it’s up to you guys.

My advice to you is, try to enjoy every single day in December with great feeling and not to waste this holiday with something useless like sleeping too much or doing nothing in your room all day.

You’re gonna regret that – trust me.

6 Premium-designed Tablets that You Might Want to Check Out this Holiday

Meanwhile, for many of you who are planning to buy new tablets in this holiday (and enjoy it for this holiday), here I have some of recommendations that I believe can be great options for you.

However, today, I’m not gonna talk about all the general tablets.

Instead, I’ll narrow down some of the tablets that I think, have great and premium built design.

But if you’re looking for my other recommendations tablets, you can visit my other posts about great gaming tablets, great high-end tablets and cheap cost gaming tablets.

Talking about premium tablets, then one tablet that usually pops up in our mind is absolutely the iPad, right?.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that because I also agree that iPad has the best design on the market to date. No argue to that.

However, you must never underestimate Android tablets though.

Many of today’s Android tablets today have already improved this sector and as you can see, there are many Android tablets out there that also have premium design just like the iPad.

That’s why in the list below, I’m really excited to talk about some of tablets, either iOS or Android OS, that I think are well-designed tablets.

iPad Air

Okay, who doesn’t know iPad? Ever since this tablet made its first debut around 6 years ago in 2007, iPad suddenly became the absolute choice for tablet shoppers out there on the market.

And it’s no different today.

This Apple’s tablet still becomes one of the best tablets, if not the best, and is still selling like hotcakes around the world.

The latest model of iPad is called iPad Air.

And the reason why Apple uses that name is because iPad is so thin and really light in weight, the similar reason behind the naming of Macbook Air.

However, despite being a really thin tablet, iPad Air is still packing some great quality specs out of the box.

iPad Air comes with the same 9.7-inch 2048x1536 pixel (326ppi) display, 64-bit A7 processor, PowerVR G6430 GPU, 1GB of RAM, iOS 7, 4:3 aspect ratio like iPad mini and all new design, which takes design cue from iPad mini.

And as a result, iPad Air is a beautiful looking tablet with premium design.

The whole body of this tablet is wrapped up in solid aluminum material that makes it really sturdy and comfortable in hands.

What makes “all new design” of iPad Air amazing is its weight, which is really lighter and thinner than the predecessors.

And this makes holding the iPad Air really comfortable and nice even with one hand, just like holding a thin book.

But design is not the only thing that makes iPad Air superior than other tablets around the market to date. There are also many things that iPad Air can offer to tablet shoppers out there.

And one of them is the hardware.

Having been armed with a dual-core A7 processor, accompanied by PowerVR G6430 GPU and 1GB of RAM, iPad Air is really fast and powerful in handling any kind of apps and even the graphics intensive games so perfectly and smoothly without any lag whatsoever.

And this is the main selling point of iPad Air, a great gaming tablet.

With 1GB of RAM, multitasking apps on iPad Air now also feels really smooth and fast compared to the previous iPad.

The other thing that makes iPad Air a solid entertainment machine is its battery life.

Despite having a smaller battery capacity than the older iPad, many reviewers are reporting that the battery life of iPad Air is just insanely great and would last more than 2 days even in heavy usage.

Well, that’s a really impressive achievement by Apple.

Apparently, the tweaks that Apple made here and there on both software and hardware on this tablet has made iPad Air a really long lasting machine.

I’ve actually heard many users of iPad Air said that they just couldn’t kill the battery life of iPad Air because it’s just so strong.

They managed to use iPad Air in more than 2 days in hardcore usage, mostly for playing games, mixed with other activities like reading text, browsing the web, watching movies and playing games again. And the battery life just keeps staying strong.

So this is also the best selling point of iPad Air, a long lasting battery life.

So if you currently are in great shape financially and looking for a great tablet for reading books, watching movies, browsing internet, listening music and playing games, then iPad Air is just the best choice for you.

iPad mini 2

If the iPad Air already gets the title “the absolute choice of tablet”, then its little brother, iPad mini 2 also deserves the same label, actually 2 labels.

The first one is “the absolute choice of tablet” and the second one would be “the iPad killer”.

Yes, that’s true.

If you’re looking for a tablet that can match the whole thing on iPad Air, then iPad mini 2 is the tablet I’m talking about.

Despite being the mini version of regular iPad Air, with a smaller 7.9-inch display, the iPad mini 2 surprisingly comes with the same exact spec sheet just like the big brother iPad Air.

From the screen resolution of 2048x1536 pixels (326ppi), the same 64-bit A7 processor, 1GB of RAM, iOS 7, PowerVR G6430 GPU, the same aspect ratio of 4:3 and same exact design concept just like iPad Air.

So things like watching movies, browsing the web, listening to music and many more, can be enjoyed perfectly and smoothly with no lag whatsoever, just like the iPad Air.

It goes the same with playing games. The PowerVR G6430 GPU that is equipped on iPad mini 2 will make sure that any kind of apps, especially the graphics intensive games that you see on App Store today, can be played perfectly without any problem on iPad mini 2.

1GB of RAM on iPad mini 2 also guarantees a smooth experience when multitasking apps at the same time.

Everything about iPad mini 2 is just great, as great as the iPad Air.

In fact, I personally dig iPad mini 2 more than the iPad Air. I know – they both share the same exact hardware specs one to another. However, what I like from the iPad mini is its size.

I think it’s just perfect in hand grasp. Not too big and not to small like other Android 7-inch tablets out there.

So it makes holding it with one hand and especially typing on the screen more comfortable and easier than on the iPad Air.

However, if you like much bigger iPad that is really light in weight, iPad Air could also be a great choice.

But overall, I think both devices score the same point. Both are just great.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Okay, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 might be 2 absolute choices of tablets based on their premium design.

However, if you’re looking for another premium looking tablet with non-iOS out of the box, then Sony Xperia Tablet Z could be a great choice for you.

Similar just like any other latest Xperia devices from Sony Mobile, Sony Xperia Tablet Z still inherits the same casual but elegant dark design that really feels premium and awesome at the same time.

Using polycarbonate and glass material all over the place, Sony Xperia Tablet Z looks gorgeous and premium in many ways.

And that is the reason that makes Sony Xperia devices so superior than other Android counterparts on the market to date, even Samsung.

It’s designed so elegantly and wrapped up in sturdy material that feels really great in hands.

And as a high-end tablet, there is no doubt that Sony Xperia Tablet Z comes with some great spec sheet on it, from a 10-inch Full HD 1920x1200 pixel display, a quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB of RAM, Adreno 320 GPU, 6000mAh battery, 8.1MP rear-facing camera, and some other more.

These goodies actually kind of remind me with the specs of LG G Pad 8.3, which I’m gonna talk later.

So things like gaming, watching movies, browsing internet, reading books, listening music will be so amazing to do on this 10-inch tablet.

No argue to that, especially given the fact that Sony has been popularly known for producing great media and entertainment device.

So you’re in good hands if you buy this tablet.

Actually, in my older blog post, i’ve already included this tablet as one of the best gaming tablet around the market to date.

So if you are a hardcore tablet gamer and looking for a great gaming tablet with all-day battery life, then Sony Xperia Z might be a great option for you.

It may not have the latest flagship from Qualcomm (i.e., Snapdragon 800), but when it comes to performance, the quad-core Snapdragon 600 on Xperia Z tablet will get the job done so perfectly and smoothly with no lag whatsoever.

LG G Pad 8.3

If iPad Air and iPad mini 2 are known for their premium aluminum material, then LG G Pad 8.3 is no exception.

This Android tablet surprisingly also has a really beautiful and premium design just like the iPads.

All over its body is made from aluminum material that feels really sturdy in hands and comfortable to hold.

This actually contradicts with LG’s latest flagship smartphone, LG G2, that is made by LG as the companion device for LG G Pad 8.3, which feels really cheap with its plastic material, despite having some monstrous specs.

The good thing is, LG G Pad 8.3 doesn’t need to suffer from that issue. LG G Pad is a good looking and premium-designed tablet.

To be honest with you, from all tablets out there, I really think that LG G Pad has the best design than other Android tablets on the market to date, of course with the exception of Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

The rounded shape of the edges on this tablet just looks perfect, not too rounded, not too flat. It just looks perfect.

The bezels are also really perfect for this tablet, not too wide, not to narrow. In my honest opinion, the design of LG G Pad actually kind of looks similar like iPad.

I mean, if you see the black model of this tablet, then you will see how it looks like iPad mini, but not that precisely.

I’ve actually already talked a lot about LG G Pad 8.3 in my review of this tablet, including the specs, the design, the display, the features and many more.

So if you’re interested to know more about this tablet, then feel free to visit this page.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a premium-designed tablet running Android, then LG G Pad 8.3 might be a great choice for you.

The good news is, this tablet only costs you $300, compared to iPads or Sony Xperia Z that have higher price points.

Lenovo 10 Yoga Tablet

Lenovo may not be a big player in tablet market these days.

However, when it comes to Android tablet with great design, then one of Lenovo’s homemade slates, Lenovo 10 Yoga tablet deserves to get attention from many tablet shoppers out there.

One of the factors that makes this Lenovo’s tablet stand out among other Android counterparts on the market is definitely its unique design.

I’m actually kind of impressed of how Lenovo designs this tablet.

It has that unique rounded shape on the bottom area (in landscape mode) and a hinge on the back that works as a kick stand to hold the tablet when being used in desktop position.

So if you love using your tablet in desktop mode, then you don’t need to buy the separate dock or smart cover just like the iPad that can be folded in order to make a kick stand.

However, when it comes to other things besides design, there are many sectors from Lenovo 10 Yoga tablet that still lacks compared to other Android tablets out there.

First of all, it’s the hardware specs.

Lenovo 10 Yoga comes with a 10.1-inch 720p display (1280x800 pixels), a quad-core Mediatek MT8125 Cortex A7 CPU, a staggering 9000mAh battery, PowerVR SGX 544 GPU (the same GPU of iPhone 5), 1GB of RAM and many more.

These goodies may look pretty good at the glance.

However, in the real implementation, you might experience some lags or frame drops when using this tablet for heavy things like gaming, multitasking apps or using live wallpaper on the homescreen, although not that noticeable.

Overall, Lenovo 10 Yoga tablet is still a pretty good tablet for watching movies, playing games, browsing internet and many more.

But if you want more reliable high-end tablet for gaming, then I recommend you to choose either Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or LG G Pad 8.3.

They all really scream when it comes to performance and gaming capability.

Besides, at $300, instead of picking this Lenovo 10 Yoga tablet, you can snatch LG G Pad 8.3 that has that same price tag, but is so much even better in many ways.

Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

The last tablet that I think has one of the best designs in tablet market to date is definitely Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 edition).

Taking design cue from Samsung GALAXY Note 3, this bigger Note tablet looks and feels really great in hands, despite having a thick body and big display.

It has those same fake metal trimming, fake stitching on the edge and fake leather texture just like the Note 3. And all over the body of this tablet is made from the same usual Samsung’s plastic polycarbonate material.

However, that doesn’t mean that Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 looks like a cheap tablet.

As a matter of fact, the “all new design” of Note 10.1 looks really matured and elegant compared to the predecessors.

Actually, even though the back cover of this tablet feels like a plastic (because it’s indeed made from plastic material), many users of this tablet really love the overall design of this tablet.

It still looks more solid and premium than older gen Samsung GALAXY devices.

The other thing that also makes Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 worth every penny is definitely its hardware specs. I’m talking about the LTE model of this tablet.

The LTE model of GALAXY Note 10.1 comes with a 10.1-inch 1080p display (2560x1600 pixels), Adreno 330 GPU, 3GB of RAM, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, S-Pen stylus and many more.

And with all of these goodies, you already get a really powerful device that is more than capable for watching movies, browsing internet, listening to music and most importantly, playing games.

What makes Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 superior than other tablets, even the iPads, is its S-Pen stylus.

I know – there are many 3rd party stylus that can also be used on iPad, Google Nexus 7 or any other tablets out there.

However, the S-Pen stylus on Note 10.1 is much even better those 3rd party styluses.

Besides having a dedicated S-Pen hole on the back of this tablet, the stylus on Note 10.1 comes with a wide range of features that surely will be really useful for people who have hobbies like painting, designing, writing and many more.

So for many of you who are still looking for a solid and powerful tablet for productivity purpose, then I strongly recommend you to get this tablet as GALAXY Note 10.1 has many great things that just can’t be found on other tablets out there, including the iPad.


Well, there you go, 6 tablets that I think are premium looking tablets. What about you? Do you have any other tablets that you would like to recommend to me as tablets with premium design? If you do, don’t hesitate to shoot your opinion on the comment section below.
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